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    are callum and calvin too similar?

    We love the name Callum, but this baby has a 1 year old cousin named Calvin. We live several hours away, but don't want to be obnoxious at family events, or step on the other parents' toes. We always keep our name a secret until birth... Thoughts?
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    Not even close in my opinion. I wouldn't think twice about using the name Callum.

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    I think they would be much too close for brother but I don't think it should be an issue for cousins at all. I have cousins with my name, or called Angela but have I ever cared? No. Has my mom ever felt stepped on? No. I have tons of cousins named William and Steven. They all see it other at family reunions and none of them care at all and no body feels stepped on.

    Personally, I think the thing about not wanting to name your kid something vaguely similar to a cousins name (which happens a lot on here) is a little ridiculous. If you love the name, then by all means, name your baby Callum. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Yes, they are too close for me. They could both have the nickname Cal. However, I know cousins named Samuel and Samantha, Daniel and Danielle so it's really up to you. I wouldn't do it personally but that's just me.

    They are completely different names though. I had been considering Rafferty for my list but if I ever have a little Rafferty, he's likely to have a cousin named Rafael and for both to be nicknamed Raff/Raffa/Raffy would be too much.
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    I think they're too close for brothers, but for cousins it isn't an issue.

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