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    I'm not crazy about Mack on it's own with the surname (it has a very similar short a sound on the first syllable)...but I figure as a nn it doesn't matter. I actually think Murphy is pretty cool but there was a guy we went to school with that had this for a surname (he went by Murph more often than his actual name)..and NOT a good association.

    I like Merrick, Monroe and Mercer from your lists also. I'm not sure if he'll be open to them though.

    If it helps...the only names he ever really suggested were Gabriel and Noah...I'm not a fan of either (it's not that I dislike them because there isn't anything wrong with them...they just aren't my style).

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    That would definitely be a sweet way to honour your grandfather! I really like the suggestions of Marshall and Marcus. What about Morris? Or Morgan?

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    Other ideas:

    McAllister / MacAllister
    McCarter / MacCarter
    McEwan / MacEwan
    McGregor / MacGregor
    Maclain / McLain
    McLaren / Maclaren
    Morris / Morrison

    I was going to suggest Cormac, nn Mac, though it doesn't start with M. Maybe McCormac / McCormack would work.
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    Wow, the rest of you ladies responded in the time it took me to respond to Southern Maple. lol.

    Marc / Mark--Some days I really like Mark....other days I feel like it is a noun and not a name (like question mark) like Mark.
    Marcus--I much prefer just Mark to Marcus
    Marco--eh. again..I prefer just Mark.
    Marshall--This grew on me because of the show In Plain Sight...but is it too Eminem?
    Martin--I do have a cousin named this...I really don't like to reuse a name unless it is on purpose.
    Mason--the name of a former step-brother...Would that be weird?
    Micah--I really love Micah. He gave me that "Are you serious?" look when I mentioned it. I'm also not sure how I feel about it with my daughters.
    Miles / Milo--I like Milo but the Milo and Otis connection is too strong for me. I prefer it over Miles.
    Montague--a bit...too much...for me. It's interesting though.
    Moss--eh. NMS.
    Moses--again...a bit too much for me.
    McKinley--I like the idea of this...but I doubt SO will go for it.
    Maddox--On the fence
    Magnus--nms...all I hear is the Angus part...and think of beef.
    Maguire (nn Mac?)--Neat. SO would probably like this better than McKinley.
    Marius--I've actually never heard of this. Prn Mare-EE-us or MAR-ee-us?
    Meyer--The Oscar Mayer bologna song is the only thing that pops in my brain.
    Merritt--I don't care for this.
    Merrick/Marek--I quite like Merrick. SO's bff is Derek...too similar?
    Mercer--I think this is interesting. (I like Spencer better though).
    Miller--no. (it is the LN of my mothers husband....he and I don't exactly get along).
    Monroe/Munro--IDK. I think it's neat...nn Roe is cool. But it feels feminine to me (I think because of Marily Monroe)
    Murphy--interesting but out.
    Malik--a bit too ethinc for me...especially with my daughters names.
    Myron--too old school
    Malcolm--I like this...but I know SO will NOT be on board.
    Morley--trying to stay away from the -ley endings (which is another stirke against Macauley).

    I'm sorry ladies but M names just don't really do it for me....keep them coming if you have them though.

    So basically we have Mason as the front runner right now...but would it be weird since a former step-brother has the same name (he is the son of ex-step mother number 2....I'm up to 4)? Maybe I'll have to see how my dad feels about it.

    I do really like Micah....but would it be weird to have a boy whose name ends with the uh sound but neither of my daughters do?

    And Morgan for a boy has really grown on me over the years...but would people assume Morgan was my daughter and Ryley was my son?
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    Proud mommy of three beautiful girls:
    Delaney Brooke (6-27-05)
    Ryley Kate (4-16-07)
    Quinn Michaela (6-1-13)

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    I actually like the idea of you using Morgan for a boy. Delaney, Ryley, and Morgan are all unisex, so when you say "I have two girls and a boy" it could be interesting to hear the guesses of which one is the boy. I would be inclined to guess Morgan was the boy and that the two "ee" endings were the girls, mostly because I over-analyze sibling names and pick up on patterns like that...
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