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    I'm probably going to get a lot of stick but I don't see the appeal in Genevieve at all. It gets a lot of love on here but it just looks and sounds ugly to me. Claire and Clara as well get love but I just find them boring and dated. For boys, I loathe the name August and variants, but again they seem to be pretty popular on here.

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    Maeve, Ramona, Seraphina for girls, Linus for boys.
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    I've never seen the appeal of Clementine or Milo, but tons of people love them. I also don't care for Claire/Clara which seems to be really popular right now, and Cecilia. Hum, I can't really think of anything else... and I really don't HATE these, I just really do not see the appeal in them.
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    Lucy, Eliana (and every other "Ellie") and Olive.

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    I loathe Imogen (makes me think of indigent) and Clementine (just awful), Amelia (especially spelled Emilia), Mabel, Cosette (really sounds like the thing you put in a tape deck), Charlotte, Paloma (sounds like a tumor) and Honor (not going to be good as a teenager). As for boys: Gideon, Alistair, Mason, Easton/Weston, Maverick, Nico, Xander (not so bad if it is spelled Zander). Also, anything Irish that sounds no where near how it's spelled.

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