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    Names others seem to like but that you hate

    What are names others seem to like (on this site or in general), but you think sound terrible?

    For me it's Oscar (always think of Oscar the grouch), Olive (don't like olives), Oliver (too close to Olive) and Jasper (sounds unpleasant).

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Oscar, Olive, and Oliver, haha!

    Erm, some that I just don't see the appeal of at all:

    Mabel (maybe I just don't like Mae names! lol)
    Vivienne/Penelope (I like them in the respect that I can see their appeal and I think they're lovely, but I would never use them personally, and I don't think they have the "pretty" appeal that so many of my other favorites do)
    Gideon (great Bible character; I don't see the appeal in the name at all, though!)
    Malachi (it just seems so harsh to me!)
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    Always a fun topic : D.

    I agree with original poster about Olive.

    I like all the names Ash doesn't : D.

    Logan is the one boys' name I just can't explain my distaste for. Totally irrational, no reason. Just when I hear it, I don't like it. It's a perfectly reasonable pick though.

    Millie gets a lot of love on here and I also just really can't feel it. Again, no real reason though.

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    Ruby and Vivienne. Everyone loves them but I don't see the all.
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    Oh, Logan made me remember Brody, another one I know Ash likes. Sorry Ash!

    Again there is no real reason. I guess I associate it strongly with some negative words (to me). Maybe it's similar for Logan.

    Maybe I just don't have a place in my taste for Irish surnames containing O. I'm really not sure!

    But with Brody, I also really don't like Bodhi. But I do find Brady fine, and Broderick. Who knows!

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