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    MN help for Rosalind

    We have a girl named Vivian (MN Lu.cia) and we are having another little girl who we are naming Rosalind. Last name sounds like ER-when.

    We originally thought we would name her Rosalind Estella but now are having second thoughts for unknown reasons. I guess it is kind of a mouthful.

    I am looking for names that honor my family, but that may be a derivative of a name. DD's mn is after my grandmother Lucille. Most of these names we don't care for as-is, but are looking for variations that maybe are a little more current.

    Family names include:
    Lillian (DH hates this and all popular derivatives)
    Esther (Estelle and Estella are both high on the list)
    Josephine (don't care for the name as-is so much)
    Elizabeth (my own name)
    Marie (WAY overdone for a middle name, but it is a family MN)
    Lake (family surname and middle name)

    any ideas?

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    Lillian - this would be a lot of flower, and L, with Rosalind anyway. Rosalind Calla? Too far?
    Esther - What about Stella? Rosalind Stella has better flow than Rosalind Estella. Or you could go with the meaning - Rosalind Star.
    Josephine - it's weird, but Rosalind Josefina sounds nicer. Not sure what else you can do. Rosalind Josie? Rosalind Johanna?
    Caroline - Caro. Rosalind Caro. Carolina. Rosalind Carolina.
    Patricia - I like Rosalind Patricia! Rosalind Patience? Rosalind Patrice?
    Jaime - not sure what to recommend. Rosalind James? Rosalind Jamesina? Rosalind Jamsin (kind of like Tamsin....).
    Laurel - I like Laurel but kind of a lot of plant again. Too much L. Rosalind Laura is OK. Daphne means laurel. Rosalind Daphne? But the d's bump. Sometimes the plant is referred to as bay laurel. Rosalind Bay? Laurels were crowns of victory. Rosalind Victoria? Rosalind Victoire? Rosalind Nicole? Rosalind Nicola? (Nicole refers to victory, as well).
    Katherine - Rosalind Katrina? Rosalind Katerina? Rosalind Katia? Struggling with what to do with it.
    Rena - Rosalind Irina? Rosalind Irena?
    Elizabeth - Well, Lily or Lilibet would hit both this and Lillian, but I know your husband doesn't care for it. Rosalind Eliza? Rosalind Elise?
    Marie - I like Rosalind Marie! Rosalind Mary, Rosalind Maria, Rosalind Miriam.
    Lake - I like Rosalind Lake!
    Florence - Rosalind Flora, Rosalind Flor, Rosalind Flower. I also do really like Rosalind Florence!

    Hope that helps!

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    this is a really helpful list! Thanks so much!

    I like Lake, Elise, Florence (but DH just vetoed), Estella/Estelle/Stella. Neither one of us had thought of Elise and we both like it!

    Any other feedback? What are your favorites?

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    I really like Rosalind Elise, too! Or maybe Rosalind Kate for Katherine. Or Rosalind Cara for Caroline. Or Rosalind Elle, Rosalind Beth, or Rosalind Bette for Elizabeth.

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