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    i love Grace! such a shame about hubby! - maybe as a mn?

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    nn Libby for spunkidoodle's suggestion of Elizabeth is precious too.

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    I love lots of those suggested names, as well as your choices!

    Olive nn Liv
    nn Nel for spundiedoodle's Penelope
    Daphne nn Dede

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    Thanks, all! Oh, how I love Elizabeth...but that is my daughter Eva's middle name (as well as my sil's name). If I ever knew I'd have 2 daughters, that probably would have been an awesome choice for a first name! (It is also my mn, and my late mom's mn.) Right now I think we are leaning toward Noelle/Ellie. Yes, naming a child with my husband is tough!! He has very bad taste. . I'll keep checking back because we certainly haven't closed the book...

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    Jack and Eva are both short, and on the board in England (Jack, Evie, and Grace are all in the top ten - how ironic )To fit the sibset, I might consider...

    Lucy (already been said, I second)
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    I like the name.Juliet better than Noelle but not sure what nn you'd use for it other than Julie, and I like.Juliet a lot better than Julie. Curious what your feelings were on Juliet and nn. I don't dislike Noelle however, and thought Ellie was both a cute and clever nn to get from it. Although Ellie is becoming quite popular these days, at least in the States.

    Another thought I had for you was Katherine nn Kat. I thought the one syllable would make a nice bookend to the trio with one syllable Jack obviously being on the other side. And being 3 letters it will look nice next to Eva. All are short cute and classic. My prediction though is that Kat.will have a love/hate response. People will either love it because its a classic nn but underused these days. Or they will be mad at me for.even suggesting it b/c its not as outwardly elegant or dramatic as Juliet or Noelle. But dont forget the name I'm actually suggesting is Katherine. And if you don't like Kat I think Kate would work just as well. Even if it is getting really popular, all the good ones are. But personally, I think Kat could be cute.
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