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    Help with this sibset?...Naming baby sister

    Current children are Jack and Eva (nn Evie). We are having another girl and are still so stuck on a name for her. We lean to more classic names that hopefully have a nickname option. I just discovered this board, so I wanted to see if anyone here has any ideas. Two we are considering are Juliet and Noelle, thoughts? This baby has been the hardest to name (ESP. Since my husband hates my first choice, Grace/Gracie.).

    Thank you!!

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    I love Jack and Eva. Juliet would share the same initial as Jack and Noelle just doesn't make the grade as a first name (maybe as a mn choice). Without knowing your surname, here are some suggestions.

    Charlotte nn Charlie or Lottie
    Mary nn Molly, Polly, Mamie, May etc...
    Bridget nn Bridie or Birdie
    Caroline nn Caro, Carrie or Rollo
    Catherine/Katherine nn Kate or Katie
    Tessa nn Tess
    Clara nn Claire
    Phoebe nn Bea
    Lillian nn Lily
    Rosalie nn Rosie
    Isabel nn Izzy or Belle
    Alice nn Allie
    Louisa/Louise nn Lulu
    Georgia nn Georgie
    Beatrix nn Bee or Trixie
    Felicity nn Fliss or Flick
    Abigail nn Abbey
    Amelia nn Lia or Amy
    Harriet nn Hattie
    Violet nn Lettie
    Madeleine nn Maddie
    Lucy nn Lou
    Matilda nn Tilly or Mattie
    All the best,

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    Thanks, some good suggestions! I particularly like Charlotte.

    Anyone else? I welcome everyone's suggestions! Thank you!

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    I love Juliet AND Noelle. A lot of great options were already suggested, but here are a few more:
    Marguerite nn Rita
    Vivienne nn Viv, Vivi
    Annabelle nn Annie, Belle
    Anna nn Annie
    Beatrice nn Bea
    Elisabeth nn Elle, Betsy, Beth, Bette, Elise
    Marianne nn Mary
    Rosalie nn Rosie
    Adelaide nn Addie
    Penelope nn Penny
    Sarah nn Sadie
    Virginia nn Ginnie

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    Thank you, spunkidoodle! So many suggestions I love, Annie is even my name so I won't use it. I'd love to use Anne as a middle name!

    Keep the suggestions coming, viewers! Thanks!!

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