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    Are there any stand-out combos on this list? What's your favorite?

    What are your honest thoughts? Opinions? Are any of them keepers? Should I toss any? What are your favorites? Too much? Just right? Suggestions welcome. Thanks, Berries

    Sefarina Marianne

    Cecily Ottoline

    Marguerite Estelle

    Felicie Rosamund

    Eleonora Delphine

    Rhiannon Cybele

    Celestine Nanette

    Cicely Leontine

    Theodora Blanche

    Constance Serafine

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    Love Theodora Blanche (spelled Theadora) and Eleanora Delphine

    A few comments:
    Sefarina - This looks like a misspelled version of Serafina or Sapphire or Seraphina...
    Felicie Rosamund - Love this....if it's changed to Felicity or Felicia...

    Overall, your list is pretty good!


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    Eleanora Delphine. Devine

    The rest I don't care for.
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    Sefarina Marianne - I love Serafina and like Marianne, but to be nit-picky, there's a lot of back-and-forth between a's and i's and r's in this combo, making me not love it. (edit: I see you actually wrote Sefarina. Don't love it, but that's just because I'm used to Serafina)

    Cecily Ottoline - Love Cecily, I find Ottoline a bit too odd for my taste, but they work together.

    Marguerite Estelle - Very French, which is not my style, but it flows well.

    Felicie Rosamund - I prefer Felicity Rosalind.

    Eleonora Delphine - I like Eleonora, Delphine is not my style, but this has a good flow.

    Rhiannon Cybele - I like Rhiannon and love the name Cybelle, but think it should have two L's.

    Celestine Nanette - Once again, very French, nms.

    Cicely Leontine - I prefer Cecily to Cicely and I'm not a fan of Leontine.

    Theodora Blanche - This screams old lady from Georgia to me! I prefer Dorothy/Dorothea to Theodora, and Blair or Blaise to Blanche.

    Constance Serafine - Constance sounds severe to me, although Connie could be cute. I like Serafine, although I personally prefer Serafina.

    I hope my comments are helpful - stay true to your own style and taste : )
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    Sefarina Marianne- I love Marianne in the middle spot, but not a fan of Serafina at all. I just think its slightly overtly sweet.

    Cecily Ottoline- Adore this combination! I'm thinking of Ottoline in the middle spot, and the sassiness of Cecily offsets the quirky girliness of Ottoline. Perfect

    Marguerite Estelle- I find these a little elaborate together, too. I like the flow, though. Marguerite is a beautiful name..

    Felicie Rosamund- I think Felicie is tricky to say. It comes out Flissy when I say it. Find Rosamund quite heavy. Felicity Rosa is pretty, or even Rosa Felice (love that)

    Eleonora Delphine- Beautiful. Can't fault this.

    Rhiannon Cybele- Don't like Rhiannon. Love Cybele!

    Celestine Nanette- Celestine is pretty....Nanette again makes it a little much for me.

    Cicely Leontine- Cicely is gorgeous. Leontine isn't my style!

    Theodora Blanche- Theodora is on my shortlist. I think it has everything. Really dislike Blanche! Theodora Cecille?

    Constance Serafine- Love Constance too! Great taste. Actually even like Serafine with gives a kind of Spanish feel

    Great list..
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