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    I kind of like the idea, of Arielle and Briar-Ella/en. (Though they look a little silly to me, but I kind of like that).
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    I agree, too similar. I think Elodie and Arielle make a nice sibset though, as someone else suggested!

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    I do love the nns "Ari" and "Bri" but the names as a whole are too similar. Arielle and Brielle = could be the same name, just change of A and B. Arielle and Briella = still a little too much for my taste because both names have the "rielle/a" sound. But if you love the name, then go for it :0)

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    To me though they look similar, spelling wise. But they both have very different sounds to them, and i actually think it would be cute to have two sister Arielle and Briella. They sound better together than they are written together

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    I think they both look too similar and sound too similar. Both are pretty names though.

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