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    Playing Around with Names

    I am playing around with names I like. Trying to figure out what I would choose, based on the fact that I like both names from Greek mythology and names from Victorian literature. This is just me being silly, but I'd really like to know what people think of the names I'm playing with. I was thinking Victorian heroine, but I also like Greek middle names.

    Catherine Victoria
    Catherine Elizabeth (too Royal?)
    Catherine Iris
    Catherine Muse
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    The rhythm of Catherine Victoria Nix is great.

    I like Catherine and Katherine about equally. Catherine feels more French and subdued, Katherine more Greek and active (although also more modern, a bit). I happen to be really fond of Kathryn for feeling more "English" and even medieval.

    I think adults use Kate/Cate. I know a Cate personally and there is actress Cate Blanchett.

    I don't see why a Catherine couldn't spell her nickname Kate if she wanted to, though.

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    Or any other combination/ideas based on that theme. (Sigh. The more time I spend on Nameberry, the less I like my own name.)

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    I prefer Catherine w nn Kate. I don't think Cate is necessary. I also like Cat. I know adult called Cat, Kathy/Cathy, Kate & Katie. I also know Catherines that only go by Catherine.

    I like Catherine Victoria Nyx
    I like Catherine Selene Alexandria

    How about Catherine Alexandria Nyx? It does spell CAN & have a few xs..but I love it!

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    I like Catherine Victoria Nyx and I think its fine to use the nickname Kate without spelling Catherine with a K.

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