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Thread: Birthing Class

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    Birthing Class

    You (Fn/MN/LN your choice) teach a biryhig class with 8 couples in it.

    Couple 1 are first time parenta-to-be. They're 24. He's a writer and she's a vet tech. They have 2 bloodhounds. Theyre expecting a girl. Name this family.

    Couple 2 is a female soldier and her civilian husband. She's on leave. He stays home with their two boys and now they're having a girl. Name this family.

    Couple 3 are veterans at this. She's had two sets of twins and this child makes five. He owns a nonprofit and she's a baker. They have two cats. Name this family.

    Couple 4 are young, also newbies. She's pregnant with triplets, all boys. He is a banker and she teaches yoga. They have a mastiff. Name this family.

    Couple 5 is two women, one is pregnant. The pregnant woman is a professor and her spouse is a radiologist. They have one adopted son and are expecting another boy. They have a pet iguana. Name this family.

    Couple 6 is always late. This upcoming set of twins - a boy and a girl - make #7 and #8 for these two. They have 4 girls and 2 boys as of now, plus a rabbit. He sells cars and she is a designer. Name this family.

    Couple 7 is actually the mom to be and her friend, since the father is deployed. These two have a daughter and are expecting another girl. She is a part time receptionist and he's in the Navy. Name this family (and her friend)

    Couple 8 is a very reserved couple and you don't know much about them. You know this is their first child, a girl. They have a cat and a beagle. Name this family.
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    You, Eve Thomasina Woodward, teach a biryhig class with 8 couples in it.

    Couple 1:
    DH: Charles Graham Elliot
    DW: Ruth Juliet Elliot
    DD: Edith May Elliot
    dog1: Wade
    dog2: Felix

    Couple 2:
    DH: Marcus Kyle Barrington
    DW: Stella Olive Barrington
    DS: Ames Martin Barrington
    DS: Ivor Chance Barrington
    DD: Esme Olive Barrington

    Couple 3:
    DH: Manning Holden Blake
    DW: Harriet Judith Blake
    DS/DD: Thomas Parker Blake/Marie Renee Blake
    DS/DS: Henry Alan Blake/Robert Owen Blake
    DD: Flora Vivian Blake
    Cat: Soso
    Cat: Bean

    Couple 4:
    DH: Thomson William Kingsley
    DW: Leona River Kingsley
    DS/DS/DS: Owen Ridge Kingsley/Arlo Blaise Kingsley/Hugh River Kingsley
    Dog: Django

    Couple 5:
    DW: Ingrid Hannah Seton-Miles
    DW: Alice Phoebe Seton-Miles
    DS: Edgar Paul Seton-Miles
    DS: Julian Flynn Seton-Miles
    Iguana: Lizzie

    Couple 6:
    DH: John Jarvis Denby
    DW: Clara Felicity Denby
    DS: Amos John Denby
    DD: Bridget May Denby
    DD: Charlotte June Denby
    DS: Dalton Paul Denby
    DD: Evelyn Grace Denby
    DD: Fiona Eve Denby
    DS/DD: Graham Aaron Denby/Hanna Ruby Denby
    Rabbit: Frisky

    Couple 7:
    DH: Kipling Thomas Everson
    DW: Imogen Louise Everson
    DFriend: Sebastian Louis McNeil
    DD: Rose Imogen Everson
    DD: Jane Louisa Everson

    Couple 8:
    DH: Christopher Orson Hughes
    DW: Vivian Willow Hughes
    DD: Elowen Aria Hughes
    Dog: Cooper

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    Birthing Class Teacher: Bria Palmiera Pyles

    Family 1:
    DH: Cody Garrett Goldman
    DW: Jasmine Leah "Jazz" (Danreuther) Goldman
    DD: Emma Maria Goldman
    DBloodhound 1: Primo
    DBloodhound 2: Taz

    Family 2:
    DH: Jeremy Luis "Jem" Rains
    DW: Katherine Bethany "Kate" (Smart) Rains
    DS: William Vincent "Liam" Rains
    DS: Jayden Riley Rains
    DD: Aurora Olivia Rains

    Family 3:
    DH: Stephen Carlos "Steve" Freeman
    DW: Leah Ashley (Glaze) Freeman
    DS/DS: Joseph Liam Freeman/Christopher Victor Freeman (Joey and Chris)
    DD/DD: Madison Jenna Freeman/Sophia Natalia Freeman (Maddie and Sophia)
    DS: Noah Santiago Freeman
    DCat 1: Sundance
    DCat 2: Nutterbutter

    Family 4:
    DH: Jonathan Seth "Jonah" Cupp
    DW: Rebecca Meghan "Becca" (Seckman) Cupp
    DS/DS/DS: Liam Cole Cupp/Mason Carlos Cupp/Jacob Bryson Cupp (Liam, Mason, and Jake)
    DMastiff: Picasso

    Family 5:
    DW: Leslie Kelly McNally (Expecting spouse)
    DW: Julia Sara Belliveau
    DAS: Brady Anthony Belliveau-McNally
    DS: Ezra Matthew Belliveau-McNally
    DIguana: Iggy

    Family 6:
    DH: Douglas Jamie "Doug" Sam
    DW: Tiffany Erica (Simpson) Sam
    DS: travis Ryan Sam
    DD: Victoria Cassidy "Tori" Sam
    DD: Briana Alyssa Sam
    DD: Alexis Nevaeh "Lexi" Sam
    DD: Sierra Ashley Sam
    DS: Jesse William Sam
    DS/DD: Ethan Brantley Sam/Mia Mary Sam
    DRabbit: Puffball

    Family 7:
    DH: Benjamin Cory "Ben" Bisek
    DW: Crystal Julia (Warren) Bisek
    DFriend: Jason Douglas Ross
    DD: Lydia Ava Bisek
    DD: Emily Elena Bisek

    Family 8:
    DH: Wyatt Jose Sunderland
    DW: Tammy Katherine (Morman) Sunderland
    DD: Abigail Molly "Abbey" Sunderland
    DCat: Oreo
    DBeagle: Apollo

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    Birthing Class Teacher: Rebecca Marie

    Family 1
    DH: Christopher Daniel Morris
    DW: Katelyn Nicole Morris
    DD: Matlida June Morris
    DDog1: Cooper
    DDog2: Shelby

    Family 2
    DH: Isaac Jeffrey Lowell
    DW: Kristen Maeve Lowell
    DS: Chase Isaac Lowell
    DS: Brendon Jeffrey Lowell
    DD: Emmaline Kristina Lowell

    Family 3
    DH: Brody Nicholas Weiss
    DW: Madison Jo Weiss
    DD/DD: Kelsey Noelle Weiss / Bethany Rose Weiss
    DS/DD: Lucas Matthew Weiss / Lauren Avery Weiss
    DS: Aiden Henry Weiss
    DCat1: Cynthia
    DCat2: Moses

    Family 4
    DH: Adam Tobias Danielson
    DW: Olivia Victoria Danielson
    DS/DS/DS: Ivan Michael Danielson / Elias Alexander Danielson / Owen William Danielson
    DDog: Duke

    Family 5
    DW: Addison Danielle Smith (Expecting)
    DW: Catrina Ashley Howe
    DAS: Finn Patrick Smith-Howe
    DS: Caleb Blake Smith-Howe
    DIguana: Loki

    Family 6
    DH: Andrew Josiah Brooks
    DW: Eva Clare Brooks
    DS: Levi Benjamin Brooks
    DD/DD: Arya Winter Brooks / Lydia Grace Brooks
    DS: Noah Jacob Brooks
    DD: Sophia Juliet Brooks
    DD: Eloise Isabella Brooks
    DS/DD: Dylan Timothy Brooks / Ashlyn Tabitha Brooks
    DRabbit: Chanel

    Family 7
    DH: Ryan Alexander Peters
    DW: Victoria May Peters
    DFriend: Josephina Belen Garcia
    DD: Arabella Tiffany Peters
    DD: Adaline Talullah Peters

    Family 8
    DH: Mateo Conner Sturgis
    DW: Jeanne Abigail Sturgis
    DD: Lillian Brooke Sturgis
    DDog: Cheeto
    DCat: Rolo

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    Couple 1
    Heath George & Elena Cameron Norris
    DD[exp]: Eloise Emerson
    Bloodhounds: Trix & Snorkles

    Couple 2
    Officer Daphne Lola & Beckett Michael "Beck" Craig
    DS[6]: Benjamin Wyatt "Ben"
    DS[4]: Parker James
    DD[exp]: Nola Samantha

    Couple 3
    Auden Gabriel & Sophie Marina White
    DS/DD[8]: Tobias Andrew "Toby"/Georgia Renee
    DD/DD[3]: Beatrice Lake/Violette Pearl
    DS[exp] Jude Finnegan
    Cats: Puppy & Dr. Whiskers

    Couple 4
    Frederick George & Veronica Mae "Ronnie" Sherbotsky
    DS/DS/DS[exp] Caspian Douglas/Julius Harper/Bodhi Richard
    Mastiff: Bear

    Couple 5
    Sofia Carmen & Waverly Jane Walters-Hodgins
    DAS[2] Gray Isaac
    DS[exp] Finn Oliver
    Iguana: Tyson

    Couple 6
    Vance Edward & Penelope Sarah Goodman
    DD[12] Holland Francesca
    DD[10] Evangeline Noah
    DS[9] Marcellus Xander
    DD[6] Gianna Page
    DS[4] Sebastian Luca
    DD[2] Ryder Maximilian
    DS/DD[exp] Nico Haskell/Lola Katharine
    Rabbit: Fluffy

    Couple 7
    Dascha Maren & Owen Peter Milano
    DD[5] Zoe Cressida
    DD[exp] Zinnia Clare
    Friend: Ramona Therese Cutler

    Couple 8
    John Howard & Mary Elizabeth Alice Prett
    DD[exp] Rose Elizabeth
    Cat: Derek
    Beagle: Calvin

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