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    HELP! Middle name dilemma

    Hi Berries, I'm trying to choose a middle name and am having some trouble. My husband and I have decided on the first name Grayson. He is giving me full authority on the middle name. So..... do I choose the middle name James which is my father's name, my grandfathers name, my great-great grandfathers name and my hubs middle name? Or do I choose Michael which is my hubs name and my hubs fathers name? I'll throw in this caveat: we do not get along with his fathers side so choosing Michael wouldn't be to honor his father - it would be to honor my hubs. My gut says to choose James since it has such a long history with my family but didn't know if Michael maybe sounded better with Grayson? I will also add that our last name is one syllable. What do you all think?

    Grayson James H
    Grayson Michael H
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    I think both Grayson James and Grayson Michael are fabulous. My inclination would be to use Grayson James, since it honors your husband, as well, but I do think Grayson Michael is less "AY" heavy. Although I think the 2-1 flow of Grayson James works really well, better than Grayson Michael. I don't think you could really go wrong, but there's more family significance with Grayson James, which would speak to me.

    Good luck!
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    I agree you have two great options. Grayson James is my mild preference but Grayson Michael works well. I think it sounds like Michael would be a great mn option for any future sons (or likewise if you go with Michael this time, James in the future makes sense).

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    Based just on sound & style, I think Grayson James works better. And, it's also got the better history and honors so many people in your life. I'd def. go with James.
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    Thanks everyone! I'm still not on board 100% with Grayson but that's what the hubs likes.

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