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    Um, yes.'s awful.

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    Not my cup of tea to be frank. I automatically think of the Solo Soft Drink. Reading above, I agree with googoogixie's assessment of the Star Wars connection but I will say that being 'solo' is not a bad thing, it reminds me of being independent and marching to their own beat.
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    After Hope Solo?

    I love girls' names that end in o, but I don't really think that this one works. If you Google "solo cup" you'll see that those red cups typically used for whatever alcoholic beverage they're serving at high school or college parties are called that. That was one of my first thoughts. Kind of an awkward association for a name.

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    We watched Star Wars episode 1 (now 4) last night, so of course I immediately thought of Hans Solo -and he's a really rude dude in that movie! But the #1 reason I wouldn't use Solo as a little girl's name is that is means "single, unaccompanied, alone". It sounds like you're dooming her to the single life.
    #2 reason: Solo sounds like "so low" -I'm sure many jokes will be made on the playground with that
    #3: it's a cell phone company
    #4: the Solo cup, the comic books, the movie...

    Google the word and you will see it's quite the popular word to use for a variety of products. You could be accused of objectifying your daughter.

    How about: Shiloh, meaning "tranquil"
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    Perhaps Salem, Salome, or Saro could be alternatives?

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