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  • Lillian "Lily" Josephine

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    17 19.54%
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    Lillian, Lila, Charlotte or Eloise

    My husband and I orginally had plans to TTC#3 in June, but sadly my father was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and ended up passing away in August.

    We are now beginning to TTC again and more than anything I would love for this baby to honor my father. We have one son, Trevor Matthew and one daughter, Adelaide Lauren (whom we call Addy). Trevor's middle name honors my husband and Adelaide's middle name honors my mom.

    My father's name was R o b e r t J o s e p h - and so, if it's a boy, we have chosen the name Owen Robert. I have loved Owen since I was pregnant with my son and feel that it goes well with both of our children's names (Welsh like Trevor and an "old classic" like Adelaide).

    If we have a girl, I am still SO undecided on a first name. Again, I would like the name to flow well with our other children's names (I am all about creating a beautiful sibset as this is most likely our last). The middle name will definitely be Josephine. I think it's beautiful and not only does it honor my dad, but also about 10 other people on both sides of our family (there are many Joseph's, Josephine's and Jo's on our family tree). Even though I have thought about using Josephine as a first name, I think I do really prefer it as a middle.

    With that said, here are my four choices:

    Lillian "Lily" Josephine - Despite it's popularity, my dad was a huge gardener. I thought using a flower name could be a nice way to honor him. I also think that Adelaide & Lillian (or Addy & Lily) sound pretty together as sisters.

    Lila Josephine - I have always loved girls' names that end in 'a' (Adelaide was almost Olivia). Lila is similar to Lily, but not quite as popular. I also know that Lila and Adelaide are both considered to be 'vintage' names as well. My only hang up is that Adelaide goes by Addy where Lila would go by Lila (in other words, no real nickname).

    Charlotte Josephine - When I was in labor with my daughter, I was actually on the phone with my dad reading him our name list (I was induced so it took awhile ). I was still undecided on Adelaide and the other name that he really liked on my list was Charlotte. While I think Charlotte is beautiful, I do not like the sound of Char by itself. Since we are a nickname family, I do like Lola as a nickname here. What do you think of Addy & Lola?

    Eloise Josephine - Ever since finding nameberry, I have fallen in love with this name. I think Adelaide & Eloise sound beautiful together. Again, I like the nickname Lola. However, everyone I tell this name to - I get very mixed opinions. Is this just a nameberry name or do you really think it's going to rise in popularity as predicted? I would almost it rather as than I think people would be more open or accepting of this beautiful name.

    If it helps, my name is Kathryn Margaret and I go by Kate. It's funny that when I was younger I used to give my mom a hard time about giving me such an "old lady name" - and now I absolutely love it! I was named after Katharine Hepburn (although spelled differently) and my middle name is the same as my grandmother's name - Margaret. I wanted my daughter to have a similar feel to my name as well and that is one reason I was drawn to Adelaide in the first place.

    Thanks again for your opinions and help! I am open to other suggestons as well!
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    Lillian Josephine - I voted for this. Although the flow isn't perfect I think the classiness of the two names is perfect together.

    Lila Josephine - Lila is a little too nicknamish for me, so paired with a strong classic like Adelaide, it falls short

    Charlotte Josephine - nothing wrong with this combo, Charlotte just isn't my cup of tea

    Eloise Josephine - this is lovely and is my sisters no1 combo atm (and funnily enough her middle name is Adelaide) - Eloise and Adelaide sounds so good together, I just like Lillian better. I also am not a fan of the NN Lola and Ellie is so... overdone.

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    I really love both Lillian Josephine and Lila Josephine! I think both are just gorgeous with Adelaide, although Adelaide and Lila narrowly wins it for me. While I love Lillian (and Lily!), and I think Lily and Addy are really cute together, my one concern is the similarity between Lauren and Lillian--"Adelaide and Lillian" sort of sounds like Addy's full name, Adelaide Lauren. I don't know if that would bother you or not, I think Lillian's still very usable, it just gave me pause. I do really love Adelaide and Lillian as sisters, though!

    While I adore Charlotte (it's on my own short list!) I'm not sure about Charlotte Josephine. I've seen the combo before, and it's just not a pairing I love, although it is very gorgeous, and I guess loving the FN is what matters most here. I think Addy and Lola is adorable, although I do like Addy and Lily/Addy and Lila more.

    If you like Lila but want it as a nn for something, have you considered something like Lillian/Liliana nn Lila?

    Good luck!
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    Wow! Thanks for the quick replies!

    emelis - Thanks for the additional suggestions. I do like Eleanor, Elizabeth and Cecelia, but all are family or friends' names that I cannot use.

    thetxbelle - I forgot to add Vivienne Josephine to my list! I noticed this was also a name in your signature. I recently have thought about using Vivienne because it means "life" - after losing my dad. However, I wasn't sure that Trevor, Adelaide & Vivienne (or Trev, Addy, and Vivi) were a good match. What are your thoughts?

    ashthedreamer - Thanks for your response! I agree with you about the flow in Charlotte Josephine and that is one of my reservations as well. I have thought about Liliana, but think I prefer Lillian. I wasn't sure that Lila was an acceptable nickname for Lillian either (I have seen other polls on this). I wish it could be as I do think it would be the best of both worlds for me! What do you think?

    Thanks again!!

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