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    Yet Another Name Quiz

    This quiz was inspired by bethlow's, although it does no have the same questions. Hope you enjoy!

    Girl #1: (First and Midddle)

    What are you viewing this on? (Names No Girl May Be Cool Enough For)

    Computer/Laptop - Hildegarde
    Kindle Fire/iPad - Irma
    Phone/Other Mobile Device - Edna

    What's your favorite Forum? (Pretty Girl's Names)

    Baby Names - Bonita
    Girl's Names - Lavender
    Boy's Names - Willow
    Talk About Names - Scarlett
    Name Games- Serena
    Other - Jasmine

    Boy #1: (First and Middle)

    What's your favorite part about Nameberry? (Irish Names for Boys)

    The Forums - Niall
    The Blog - Cullen
    The Advice - Liam
    Other - Rory

    What's your favorite type of food? (Clunky but Cool names for Boys)

    Italian - Quincy
    French - Louis
    Chinese/Other Far Eastern - Zebediah
    American - Bartholomew
    Mexican - Vincent
    Cuban - Roscoe
    Other - Phineas


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