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    Name Quiz - Names from Popular Media

    Daughter One

    First Name: Of these, which is your favorite Disney heroine? [A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones]
    ArielSansa, Mina, or Elinor
    NalaMargaery, Leona, or Alla
    Mulan – Alys, Myrcella, or Lyra
    PocahontasCatelyn, Elia, or Lysa
    TianaArya, Ygritte, or Cersei
    BelleDaenerys, Meera, or Missandei
    Alice – Lyanna, Melisande, or Yara

    Middle Name: Of these, which is your favorite book series? [Doctor Who]
    Harry PotterAmy, Rose, or Leela
    Percy JacksonClara, Tegan, or Adelaide
    The Hunger Games – Susan, Romana, or Peri
    Twilight – Jackie, Astrid, or Sarah Jane
    Divergent – Donna, Ace, or Nyssa
    The Lunar Chronicles – Martha, River, or Oswin

    Son One

    First Name: What is your “style” for naming boys? [Percy Jackson]
    Classic & Comfortable – Apollo, Ethan, or Tyson
    Modern & Trendy – Jason, Nico, or Hercules
    Cool & NewPercy, Ares, or Luke
    Clunky & Different – Frank, Zeus, or Grover
    Unique & Unknown – Leo, Will, or Kronos

    Middle Name: Which style of art do you find most interesting? [The 100]

    Impressionism – Bellamy, Dante, or Jackson
    Surrealism – Monty, Thelonious, or Finn
    Art Deco – Jasper, Murphy, or Sterling
    Cubism – Cage, Miller, or Gustus
    Realism – Wells, Jake, or Myles

    Son Two

    First Name: What’s your favorite thing about Halloween? [A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones]
    Candy – Rickon, Benjen, or Eddard
    Costumes – Joffrey, Theon, or Walder
    Parties – Jon, Jaime, or Ramsay
    Trick-or-Treating – Samwell, Petyr, or Mace
    Other – Bran, Robb, or Tyrion

    Middle Name: What’s the coolest Hogwarts class? [Harry Potter]
    Potions – Ron, Lucius, or Ted
    Charms – Percy, Neville, or Harry
    Transfiguration – Seamus, Albus, or Charlie
    Flying – Draco, Remus, or Vernon
    Herbology – Fred, Arthur, or Sirius
    Defense Against the Dark Arts – Colin, Blaise, or James
    Divination – Bill, Dudley, or Peter
    Care of Magical Creatures – Dean, George, or Abraxas
    Other – Alastor, Cedric, or Justin

    Daughter Two

    First Name: What’s your zodiac sign? [Broadway]
    AriesAngelica, Vivienne, or Portia
    TaurusOlive, Alison, or Mimi
    GeminiElle, Maria, or Ariel
    Cancer – Eliza, Natalie, or Jo
    Leo – Logainne, Alice, or Nina
    Virgo – Fantine, Maureen, or Veronica
    LibraNessa, Dot, or Bea
    ScorpioRona, Joanne, or Winifred
    Sagittarius – Violet, Guenevere, or Heather
    Capricorn – Peggy, Katherine, or Edie
    AquariusJohanna, Christine, or Tracy
    Pisces – Marcy, Cosette, or Millie

    Middle Name: What’s your favorite type of animation? [The 100]
    Hand-drawn animation – Clarke, Anya, or Fox
    2-D computer animation – Maya, Abby, or Aurora
    3-D computer animation – Raven, Octavia, or Monroe
    Stop-motion – Lexa, Harper, or Indra

    Daughter Three

    First Name: Which periods of history are the most interesting to learn about? [Sense8]
    Periods flourishing in art and culture – Kala, Angelica, or Sara
    Periods with long, important wars – Riley, Amanita, or Ina
    Periods with many crucial inventions and scientific discoveries – Sun, Daniela, or Yrsa
    Periods with still-unsolved mysteries – Nomi, Priya, or Daya

    Middle Name: What’s your style for naming girls? [Percy Jackson]
    Traditional and Distinguished – Annabeth, Reyna, or Athena
    Modern and Popular – Zoe, Sally, or Sirena
    Flourished and Feminine – Bianca, Artemis, or Samirah
    Unusual and Unknown – Piper, Clarisse, or Eris
    Foreign and Exotic – Hazel, Ella, or Lacey
    Names from Words & Nature – Thalia, Sadie, or Drew

    Son Three

    First Name: Which style of music do you prefer? [Broadway]
    Pop – Marius, Link, or Gabe
    RockEddie, Roger, or Barrett
    IndieArthur, Bruce, or Chris
    Classical – Erik, Alexander, or Pierre
    Showtunes – Henry, Collins, or Jean
    Rap/Hip-hop – Robert, Warner, or Harry
    A combination of these (a.k.a. Hamilton) – Jack, Anthony, or Jimmy
    Other – Jason, Mark, or Nick

    Middle Name: What is your voice type? [The Hunger Games]
    Soprano – Finnick, Caesar, or Haymitch
    Mezzo-soprano – Marvel, Cinna, or Castor
    Alto – Peeta, Beetee, or Thresh
    Tenor – Gale, Cato, or Flavius
    Other male voice type – Coriolanus, Plutarch, or Aurelius

    My Answers:
    Arya Rose
    Ethan Bellamy
    Theon Seamus
    Millie Aurora
    Kala Reyna
    Henry Castor
    thespian teenberry
    Cecelia Kate "Celie" . Aurelia Tess "Rory" . Ivy Astoria . Victoria Cairo . Ezra Louis . Henry Theodore "Enzo" . William Thayer "Will" . Jasper Gray
    Rose | Alice | Aurelia | Keva | Victoria | Catherine | Ivy | Tess | Nova | Astoria | Rory
    Jasper | Will | Rory | Theo | Milo | Gray | Silas | Roman | August
    vote on my names here <3

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    Daughter One : Lyra Romana
    Son One : Apollo Dante
    Son Two : Ramsay Justin
    Daughter Two : Natalie Octavia
    Daughter Three : Angelica Athena
    Son Three : Anthony Caesar

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    Porto, Portugal
    DD1: Lyra Rose
    DS1: Grover Bellamy
    DS2: Eddard Remus
    DD2: Heather Monroe
    DD3: Riley Reyna
    DS3: Jimmy Gale

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    nowhere special

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    AdelineGreer ElizaKathleen MaisieAnnabel PiperLucy FinleyAnnmarie SadieEmmeline
    LillianTessa MadelineSophia CecilyAmelia

    BennettLevi ZacharyAuden GrahamBaxter JudeCarter BrennanMaxwell ParkerGrayson
    CamdenBrooks AsherTheodore WilliamJack

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