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Thread: My top five!

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    Aug 2012
    I think that Eloise (nn Lola) is the best choice! Second best is Tessa


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    Jan 2012
    I like them all. I think that Lola can work as a nn for Eloise (or even Willow) and not Ellie if that's what you firmly establish. I also think Lola would be perfectly fine on its on.
    The only advice I could give to shorten your list is that if you already have a daughter Violet then using Autumn or Willow is setting up a nature theme, which maybe you have considered and are OK with, but particularly if you have more children then will you keep with the theme or have an odd one out?
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    Thanks so much girls!!! So here are my favs as of now...

    Eloise Autumn
    Tessa Genevieve ( any other mn ideas?)

    Also like Autumn but like many have said, I already have a DD with a nature name. Not sure I want to set up a theme, even if we aren't going to have anymore. I worry that it comes across as a bit unclassy and cheesy :/. Willow is even more similiar so it's in 5th place. Lola is great, just get the song in my head! Haha
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    My two faves are..Willow & Eloise!
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    Oh, Tessa Genevieve is gorgeous! Secretly wish that was my Tess' name and I just Love it so much with Robby and Violet!
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