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Thread: My top five!

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    I like Willow the best and Tessa second. I get a similar vibe from both: sweet and down-to-earth.
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    Lola and Willow are adorable and Lola is totally fine on own. Eloise for some reason I hear someone saying with a stuffed up nose and Elle is way too popular. Autumn, nah (knew a girl named this) Tessa is cute but not a favorite.
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    Jesba - thank u for ur feedback! . I agree, Eloise mm Lola is great. And a perfect fit for me. Also glad u think Lola can work on it's own too. I do worry that Eloise would get called Ellie though, not a fan! Haha

    Carab - sooo glad u like willow and also Lola!! I sometimes hear Eloise as stuffy too, haha. And I just don't know how comfy I am with Lola as a nn for Eloise. I fear I will get a few raised eyebrows. Not a big deal but I don't know. I'm really liking Lola...all on it's own too.

    Erin - awesome! Thank u!!! Tessa is really pretty. Glad u like willow too!
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    All of these are lovely names! Here is how I would rank them:

    1. Eloise - I adore this name. Lola is a cute nickname; I never thought of that. Elle is cute too, of course.

    2. Tessa - Very spunky and cute. Tess is darling as well.

    3. Willow - While I personally wouldn't use it, I think it's very cute.

    4. Autumn - Not my favorite, but it's nice.

    5. Lola - I agree, it's very cute, but I think it works better as a nickname.
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    Meghan - thank you! Yeah, that's my only concern with Lola. Ah, still really like it though. Hehe. Glad u like Tessa! I looove this one too.
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