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Thread: My top five!

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    My top five!

    Hi berries,

    So I have a top 5 and would love to try and narrow it down to at least one or two to bring to the delivery room. I love all of these so it's super hard for me to choose. Would Love your expert opinions!

    Eloise - nn Elle. Also love nn Lola. But too much of a stretch?? Worry about the ellie nn. I would like to use both Elle and Lola as nn's Would use full Name a lot too. Worry it will be top 10 one day but gosh, this one has charm.

    Lola - ADORE this one. Does it work all on it's own? I really hope so! So sweet and spunky. I love it

    Tessa - love the nn Tess. All around great little name with spunk. Still has an old fashioned feel, yeah?

    Autumn - my nature name! Love the season, love the name. Gorgeous. Lacks old fashion charm but creates great imagery for me.

    Willow - my other nature name! I like Lo as the occasional nn. Great imagery, gorgeous name

    Ok, so those are my favorite girl names for this little one. Need some Major Help deciding. Thanks!!!!
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    I love Eloise and Tessa! You could use Lola if you wanted. It's used for Dolores, which is just as much of a stretch. Are you doing a middle name?

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    Those are really nice names, I can see why it is hard to decided. I would have to say Willow is my least favorite, although it does have a sweet sound. I think Eloise nn Lola would work very well actually! I've always thought Autumn was a pretty name, and I too love the fall and the imagery it gives. Autumn Eloise sounds pretty or Eloise Autumn even. Here is my order of your list.

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    Thanks ecos!

    Libby - oh my gosh, I LOVE Eloise Autumn or Autumn Eloise!! Fantastic.

    I'm glad u guys feel Eloise nn Lola can work. I really like that idea. Especially with the A middle name, it works better. But yeah, gosh, I really love all these names. Hehe. The feedback so far is fantastic. Thanks so much!!!
    Me + hubby = One prince and two little princesses <3 <3 <3. So in love with our family and our new little pink bundle!!

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    I think Eloise is the best fit. I think Lola is a natural nn for it if it suits her and Ellie is cute too. I think it fits the best knowing your other children's names.

    I don't think any of them are bad fits though, other than Willow is maybe a lot of plant with your daughter. I think Eloise Willow is a beautiful combination though!

    Lola is a little nicknamey relative to your other kids' names, but not too much. I do think it works on its own.

    Tessa is my second pick for you.

    Autumn would also be fine, I have no real reservations. It actually kind of rounds out your set, in this way I ca't put my finger on.

    So my order of favorites.

    1) Eloise
    2) Tessa
    3) Autumn

    With Lola as a nn for Eloise and a middle name option for Autumn (I actually really like Autumn Lola!) and Willow as a middle name option for Eloise and Tessa (Autumn Willow is actually gorgeous but probably too much imagery in one name?).

    Good luck!

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