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    Forgot to update the other day...told people IRL and on fb as well as another message board I have been on for years so forgot to tell you ladies, oops.

    The US went well. Baby was measuring within the range of normal for gestation and everything else looked great. It was quite emotional being that our last baby had passed right around this week of pregnancy, both DH and I were tearing up watching the baby wiggling around and so healthy it was great. And while I prefer the surprise at the end, DH loves to find out. So at the last minute, I compromised and we found out. We are having a...boy! I am thrilled with either gender as this is our last and a healthy baby is my utmost concern. Dh bribed me with all kinds of things so I look forward to getting them all for being nosey with the gender, lol. At least i can narrow down the ever changing name list and keep that a surprise for myself and everyone else after he gets here.
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    Congrats on the boy!!! I hope you get all sorts of spoiled after that and yes, keep the name a secret from the public. It's more exiting that way IMO. So glad you got to see him moving around and that he is doing great in there

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    Yeah, I don't really go for old wives tales anymore lol. But I was really young then, and what the heck did I know? I thought they had a knack for it It worked out though

    Hey congrats Jemama!

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    Aww yay a little boy Jemama! Hope your appt goes well today gigi

    I've got my 20 week scan on Friday, can't wait! DH is really excited about seeing baba again. I've definitely started feeling movements now, still only flutters but really often.

    We've picked a girls name too after our ridiculously long list. It will be Ailsa Evelyn, we liked loads but this stood out to us straight away. No closer on a boys name though & we are not finding out the sex so we need at least one of each!

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    Oh, a boy!!! Congrats Jemama, that's wonderful!

    vintage: Ailsa Evelyn is a gorgeous name!

    We are definitely not finding out the sex of our baby, and we can't seem to narrow our name lists down at all. Everytime we take one name off, another one appears...

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