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    My emotions/hormones have been surprisingly tame, my husband is impressed lol. This weekend in Las Vegas though I about punched the Ben and Jerry's guy in the face lol. I waited in line behind this huge family of 5 kids while they ordered and acted obnoxious then when it's my turn he goes "sorry, we are no longer serving ice cream this evening"... so I respond "you're kidding me right? I've been in line this whole time" and he goes "no I am not kidding you" so I yelled out "oh give me a break, you are completely ridiculous" and stormed off because it was either I broke out into a verbal war with lots of bad words in front of children or break down in tears so I just walked off and tried not to cry. I don't think my husband realized how upset I was because I have been so calm and cool this pregnancy but I wanted nothing more than for him to fight this battle for me. I had been dealing with inconsiderate people all day (I got pushed by one old lady in the restroom because she wanted my spot in line, to which I put my arm in front and stepped in to put her in her place and another old man pushed me aside on the bus, where there were no seats and I had the last bit of railing left, he was standing with a railing beforehand too but left that spot to take mine, by the door and was not even getting off soon... and then I got stuck in the middle flying all over the place so I called him rude and inconsiderate then a young man offered me his seat but with the help of nice people I was able to find another safe place to stand)... those are a few of the examples of just one day, not to mention I couldn't get a non-alcoholic drink anywhere. Most places had free water but if it wasn't free it cost more than a cocktail and my other option was Coke or Diet Coke which I am not drinking anyways. It was 11:15pm, we had been up, out and about all day and this was just the last straw. Oh I also forgot how another old lady tried to scold me for finding out the sex of my child. I didn't bother interacting with her much more after that but kindly gave her a piece of my mind, then she and her husband had the nerve to ask me why I wasn't laughing at all of their jokes! (they knew my dad and his gf and were coming with us to the Cirque du Soleil show)... So ya, needless to say I had no patience and this guy was a total ass. He could of put a sign up, said something earlier or just served me since everything was still up and running anyways. I am clearly pregnant so obviously Vegas isn't the most accommodating place in the world and eating ice cream is one of the few indulges I could have had. I haven't wanted ice cream once this pregnancy but it was late and I wanted a snack so it was that or fried food. Ugh!
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