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    Who is norseberry?
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    ottilie- I agree with Tina. You and your bf need to decide. We had our first daughter before we were married. We got pregnant with #2 before we got married (but were married before she was born). Everyone pressured us to get married. We were not ready though and I am confident in that decision looking back. We were young -- not sure how old you guys are-- and needed to grow up and get to know each other more before we were ready to officially make that commitment. I know people think that sounds bad and honestly my values have changed alot where I don't know if I'd do it that way again...but I know it was right for us. (if that made ANY sense- lol).
    My biggest advice I can offer is that babies are hard work. There will be so much "new-ness" with a new little one that you may not have time to also devote effort to a new marriage too. You need to foster and continue to grow your relationship, but to use the baby as a reason to force things you aren't ready for yet is not a smart choice. Take your time and use the pre-baby time to discuss "the big issues" that will help prepare you guys for marriage. Good luck!
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    Hugs, Ottilee. I know many.couples who married before they were ready because of a baby on the way. Like anything else, go with your gut and at what level of commitment do you think you would be at now if there was not a baby? I just know that my husband and I were very young in our marriage when Sebastian came to be (married just about two months, we were not planning a child that soon and so I was in shock to become pregnant while on the bcp!) and while we loved and were committed to each other, having a baby so soon was really hard as our marriage was new. It obviously worked out for us, but while I love my oldest, his pregnancy and babyhood was difficult because of us being so new in our marriage. I hope this makes sense without sounding too judgey or all doom and gloom etc.
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    Argh not been on here for a few days & lots been talked about since then!

    Tina - lovely news about your baby girl! So excited for you!! Glad everything is going well!!

    Urbanmom - you have the exact same name picked as a previous poster who was basically lying to us for months. You also appeared at the same time she stopped posting. Maybe coincidence - if so congrats on your newborns & good luck!

    Ottile - I agree with the others, don't be pressured into marriage especially for the sole reason that you are having a baby together. I agree that you need time to devote to a new marriage & that's not possible with a newborn. Wait till you both feel ready. Your parents will accept this eventually -
    When i got engaged 2 years ago My parents didn't want me to get married for reasons Ill never understand but they came round fairly quickly when they realised that we made the decision best for us, not for them.

    Had my scan on Friday, everything is perfect with baby & they are sticking with march 15th as my due date, so I'm 15 + 3 today! We shared the scan pic on Facebook this weekend to announce it to people we are not that close to.

    Started discussing names & it's so hard! DH is pretty picky & says nothing jumps out to him, I've got a few boys names I love & a list as long as my arm of potential girls names. We are not finding out the gender so need one of both!

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    Glad to hear your baby is passing with flying colors vintagemoon and I totally agree on the names thing! We didn't have a hard time with boys names, and were CONVINCED she was a boy but alas, she is a she! We had a pretty big list of girls names but one really stood out to me. When we walked out of the clinic DH told me as soon as we found out she was a girl he thought "it's... insert name". But now he wants to change the spelling of a completely normal name so that's my challenge. I may pull the pregnancy/hormone card and cry and say I have to carry her for 9 months and deliver her why can't we just keep the spelling, I have loved this name since I was younger. We'll see.

    On a similar note, I no longer feel comfortable sharing names on here (or other details for that matter). I feel like with this norseberry/urbanmom debacle there are too many creepers coming on here and making up elaborate stories and copying others. I understand this is a public site and anyone with access to the internet can read it, that's fine but to have people come on here and copy stories and so on, ridicule the things women have to go through it's very discomforting. I hope anyone reading this knows not to post personal information (ie last names), addresses or specific location details, photos etc... I love having a place where pregnant and non pregnant, mothers, fathers and teens can come discuss but making up "lives" and lying and copying is just too far. I am not sure if there are forum rules on it or not. Might be worth looking into. If anyone wants to know more about my name choices they can PM me. Unless I start to feel more comfortable on this site I'll go back to discussing names but until then, its an IF.

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