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    Not really. We got the crib but still need to refinish it. I think we are mainly waiting to know the sex... I am mainly waiting for my husband to sort his money issues thanks to a stupid crap sports car he bought in spring.

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    That is adorable about your FIL! My FIL was excited too, my MIL thinks nobody should have more than 2 kids, especially not if they have a boy and a girl for the first two. (Eye roll)

    My next appointment is end of the month, then we will talk about my ultrasound. I am guessing it will be in October some time, we are not finding out the gender with this baby so I am lookiing forward to seeing a healthy baby and nothing more.

    We cosleep with our baby until its old enough to have its own room...we are actually moving to a new place in November (thankfully because the home is being painted on the outside, we can begin the move this week when we sign the lease and get the keys...very helpful with 4 kids and me being pregnant!) and do plan on actually having a room designated as a playroom and make it very baby friendly. Our youngest is almost 4, so, I am going to gear it more towards the baby baking since this house is huge (big change from our current abode!) so we can do it. But anyways,not doing a nursery but will do a playroom for this babe.

    I think I feel stuff every now and then, but not entirely would think I would know by now what it feels like! I got a belly shot taken this weekend (just on DH's cell phone, nothing fancy) of the kids with their hands on my belly and put it on FB...everyone said cute things about it and how big my belly is getting, it was nice.
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    It's a girl! She was moving all sorts of crazy the u/s it was adorable.

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    Oh gosh Tina! You definitely got a suprise from your boy vibes huh? That's wonderful! Have you told family/friends? Is everyone excited and buying you tons of pink stuff now?
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    I don't have long to reply but we have a no pink rule haha we don't like pink! Nursery will be wild flowers themed, think poppies and daisies. We encourage neutral colors, bright yellow and red etc haha. And yes, she tricked us I am still overcoming the shock!

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