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    My yoga pants are Lululemon haha. The standard ones though. They fit everywhere but the waist. It hurts my abdomen and creates a muffin top at the back haha. I love having a belly band because it lets your regular pants last longer. All my jeans were too tight to start with cause I gained weight last year but one pair and most of my shorts were still good. I just looped a hair elastic around the button to make it more comfortable. My pants started fitting funny around 9w. My cheap yoga pants (well not that cheap they are from Roots) didn't make it past 12w because the waist is diff than Lulus. If i wore them it was uncomfy or they roll down below my belly lol. Oh and some of my shirts that aren't very long are starting to come up lol.

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    Do you ladies do yoga or just wear the pants? lol I'm a yoga fanatic!

    I haven't been able to find a pair of yoga pants that I can wear the entire pregnancy. The two pairs that I did have from my singleton pregnancies didn't take me much past 28 weeks with the twins last time. They still fit ok now, but they aren't perfect.
    I'm 19w2d today and it's safe to say that anyone could point me out as a pregnant lady! We saw some friends the other day for the first time in a while and their son said "wow" when looking at my belly. Anyway- pants or not (I mean I wear pants...but they aren't specifically yoga ones at the end- just comfy ones), I do yoga throughout pregnancy.
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    I'm 11 weeks and while I have gained some weight, I can't see it or feel it, apart for my breasts (which makes my boyfriend happy, but not me). I'm quite tiny, so I was expecting to show really early. I'm actually a yoga instructor, so I wear yoga pants a lot as well, and do yoga everyday. I am going to switch to maternity yoga classes pretty soon, which will be good.
    Does anyone else have crazy husbands/boyfriends who wants to wait until the baby is born to buy baby stuff? My boyfriend says we'll jinx it if we get anything before the baby is here.

    Anyway, I'm really excited! Looking forward to finding out the sex, I've had dreams about it being a boy, but I secretly wish it's a girl...
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    Yes I do yoga haha but lately just at home so I wear my super loose jogging pants. Ottilie, can't say my husband is like that. We bought a vintage crib we found at 7 weeks and a onesie that was on sale (it was star wars related) and two pairs of shoes. We needed a pair for our announcement photo anyways and both were cute, cheap and we couldn't agree haha. All items have been neutral and we're waiting until we know the sex to buy more.

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    I do yoga (well, havent the past few months with being pukey etc) so I thankfully have a lot of pants. I meant Costco earlier, not Target as where I got my favorite ones. My ones from athleta are good too. My "uniform" lately has been tank tops with either yoga pants or my elastic waist hippie skirts, he he.

    We gave away all our baby stuff after we lost Felix, figured we would wait a few years before trying again and when my husband decided to go back to school yet again we were going to postpone ttc until 2015. So...all this to say, no baby stuff even after 4 kids! (Which, lots of it has worn out etc anyways) We tend to not get much though anyways, I am going to have to buy all new diapers (we use cloth) since I gave all mine to a friend and told her to keep them and eventually we will need clothes and a new carseat (we got a new one when I was pregnant with Vio, and it expires in the fall of 2013). I want another Keyfit 30 since I loved it so much, the best carseat out there imho.

    All this to say, Andy is very hesitant to buy anything for a while, as am I, for no other reason then mentally we need to get over the hurdle of 21 weeks (when our Felix died) which, yes it is mental (no reason to think this baby is not doing just fine) but what we need to do. Plus I think as women, in general we start nesting the second we pee on that stick and get a positive test where as guys are more chilled with buying stuff at all, let alone baby stuff, lol. He was like this with our first too, so I think its normal.
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