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    Babies Due Jan, Feb, Mar 2013

    Since our support thread got closed I thought we'd start a new one. I decided to condense the babies due period so mothers/mothers to be who are at similar stages in pregnancy can support each other. I probably left out some really awesome ladies by doing so but of course everyone is welcome!

    So my update... my belly is huge already haha I'm 17w4days. I feel my sweet baby kick and especially wiggle all the time. The day we turned 17w I felt the first kick from the outside! I've been feeling movement since 13w ish but it's only become very distinguishable lately. My next appt with the midwife is Monday and we can finally get the referral to the u/s tech for the anatomy scan and find out the sex! I'm almost positive it's a boy so I'll be shocked but equally happy with a girl

    @crunchy, I just wanted to comment about your scan. I know you thought it would be girls anyways but I think gender disappointment is still normal. I know you'll love the twins the same regardless and on the bright side you can start your own cheerleading squad!!! xox

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