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    I won't get into it much but the "fake" people were friendly and if we weren't all following one another's stories from day 1 or sooner in some cases you wouldn't notice but when you notice copy cat behavior and inaccurate details regularly it becomes too much. I am just as happy to talk to women, men and kids from all walks of life and share stories but using others ppls info to invent a story is wrong and demeans some of the troubles and challenges families go through. If anyone reads the old Spring TTC thread and the one norseberry started and closed when her web of lies got tangled you can't miss it. In my old thread several mbrs asked what was up with norseberry and well, I'll stop here but it didn't go unnoticed. I'm glad you reported it crunchy. I meant to but have been swamped all day with work and preparing for our 2 yr anniv tomorrow plus a bunch of other stuff

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    It's interesting to hear how people develop differently. I'm 22 weeks and just bought my first maternity jeans. All my yoga pants and some of my shorts still fit fine, but my jeans were too tight and we're starting to have some cool days. At my last appointment, I was exactly the weight I was when I conceived. I lost weight early on due to morning sickness and have just now caught back up.

    I haven't felt him move any yet. On the ultrasound, he was very active, so I know it's me, not him. I did have a gas bubble sensation a few weeks ago that may have been him, but I'm not sure, and it hasn't happened again.

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    I will be 19w tomorrow and I have gained 4lbs, but my tummy grew quickly. I am in touch with a group of girls due the same time and everyone is SO different! It's crazy! My bras didn't fit at 6w, my pants needed special adjustment at 9w and around 16-17 weeks most couldn't accommodate that and I needed mat pants and pjama shorts and underpants are starting to fit weird now! I now have 3 pairs of mat pants and love them lol. In my case though it really is all tummy, and I am carrying low so even stretchy pants hurt because it's so sensitive right above the pelvic bone. DH says you can't tell I am pregnant from behind lol.

    I had a crazy itchy tummy in early pregnancy, like 6w-9w and then nothing and yesterday the crazy itch came back!

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    Tina- maybe it's growing/stretching alot. My tummy always itches during big growth spurts!

    Kungfu - it is definitely different for each woman and each pregancy. With #1, I did gain about 10 pounds by 22 weeks, but it was not in the belly! it was in my face, breasts, and hips/butt... I remember some of DH's friends commenting on me gaining weight/looking heavier (MEN!) but they didn't know I was pregnant! (he hadn't told them yet). You couldn't tell I was pregnant until I was 28 weeks! I mostly wore regular clothes up until that point. Now, well I'm an old pro I guess because I look and feel pregnant almost instantly! Yes, I'm having twins, but a month ago (15/16 weeks-ish), someone at church asked if they could touch by belly- it's that big!

    I have to gain alot of weight in the beginning of the pregnancy - it's something my midwife and OB suggested to me last pregnancy and something I have done alot of research about in the context of pregnancy induced hypertension and placenta insufficiency (two things I deal with during pregnancy). It's hard with nausea and lack of appetite during the 1st trimester, but I force myself. I want to gain at least 24 pounds by 24 weeks. I made my goal last time (with a couple extra pounds!). I have 3.5 weeks to go and am only about like 6 pounds away from that goal, but I've been there for 2 weeks now. These babies are sucking all the calories out of me! I eat 130 grams of protein a day and I can't seem to gain.
    My high risk OB wants to see me again this Friday. It'll be my 3rd appointment in 3 weeks... for another blood pressure check. I really don't want to "fail" again. He might want to put me on blood pressure meds. I'm not really sure how I feel about that because I took them in my first two pregnancies and they didn't help - I mean it never progressed to pre-eclampsia or worse, but my BP stayed elevated even on the meds.
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    Tina,My itchy skin just started. I think the change in the weather over the past week or so had a lot to do with it too. My youngest weaned about a month ago and I havent noticed my chest getting bigger or anything, but now its more comfortable (nipple pain started, thank goodness, after she weaned instead of earlier) to not wear a bra. Tmi I know.
    Kungfu, my oldest dd was so relaxed in the womb. Plus the way my placenta was positioned it made it hard to feel her move. I will say that strangely enough, she is the most relaxed out of my kids so perhaps her way inside was meant to be how she is now?
    Hugs, crunchymom, an irl friend of twins also had a hard time gaining. She had me buy boxes of cliff builder bars at costco for her and would go through a box a week! It was so hard for her to gain weight however her boys were born at good weights for twins, one was low 7's the other a high 6. I hope your bp check goes ok too.

    My next appt is Friday, hoping to hear the hb again since every now and then I think I feel something (one would think I know what it feels like!) but I am not sure. I have grown a little, and had a random stranger ask me when I am due so I am thinking I must look pregnant and not just like I have a beer gut, he he.
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