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    That's so good to hear, Alex. I really love the name Wiley!

    I can't wait to have my baby, my back is in so much pain and I imagine it will only get worse during the next four weeks...
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    Congrats Alex! I think Wiley is perfect

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    Fantastic news Tina! Congrats on your new arrival & I adore her name : ) xx

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    Congrats Alex and Tina! Enjoy your beautiful new babes!!!!

    I am ten days away from my edd, since I almost always go over I am giving myself about 2 more weeks. Hady baby shower and a week later my blessingway. Got henna done on my belly for the first time ever at the blessingway and pretty much all I need for baby that we did not already have at the shower not to mention at both events it was nice to he surrounded by so many who love and care about my family and I.

    Lots of bh, but that happens normally for me. Found out I am gbs negative which is nice, was positive with Seb and Vio so while its not a huge deal its nice to jot have to worry about it. Have to get the birth tub blown up and our new washer and dryer are getting installed tomorrow, eek! The kids are all very excited. Seb doesn't want to see the baby actually come out which I totally understand at his age, lol. Bronwen wants to he right there and the little two we will see what happens. Thankfully there are going to be.enough people to tend to me and the kids so that isnt a problem. Just waiting for "go time" and excited to meet our litle guy who will complete our family.
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    jemama--I had henna done on my belly too, but it had completely faded away by the time I was induced. It was so cute too, a mama and baby bird. I also was really relieved to be gbs negative, as I'm deathly allergic to penicillin and we didn't have to bother figuring out what antibiotic to use.

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