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    Tina, floridex is a suppliment I am on and my iron went up more than a point after about a month of use. I wasn't officially anemic, a bit borderline so now my me is happy. I have been wearing my slip on Merrills a lot now. No swelling or anything but they are easier to slide on especially in the morning's. Also having trouble sleeping here, unisom helps to a degree but I am up to pee a lot already at night. We are all excited for Christmas so that is keeping me busy. Andy is home now until the 2nd so I plan on sleeping in as much as possible!!!!

    I feel huge but everyone tells me I am "all baby belly" which is cool I guess. He is very active which is reassuring given my last pregnancy and I am measuring right on for my edd.
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    No GD - so that's good! My concern wasn't about the GD itself, but because it would have meant I'd have to change from the birth center to the hospital I was trying to avoid. I NEVER eat cereal or drink juice and had only started recently. I thought I had picked a good cereal but made the mistake of not reading what is included in Kashi cereal lol so no more cereal for me. Which sucks, its so tasty! As for juice, I was only drinking Simply Orange because a) I crave it all the time and b) to help me absorb iron. I eat a high protein diet normally and any carbs I consume are complex, or raw fruit.

    I have been taking Floradix twice a day since July. My levels were at like 11.3 then and by end of November they went down to 10.3. I was already consuming a LOT of iron between the Floradix, prenatals and my diet. So I am now taking double doses twice a day (20mL) and instead of drinking it with some simply orange I take it with a 1000mg vitamin C each time. They plan to check my blood again this month to see if it changes. One of the midwives thinks that my body just naturally runs on low iron because I feel and look fine, so even though I keep consuming more but body is just passing the excess. As long as the baby is getting what she needs, I don't care. I take SO many vitamins though, I find midwives are much more particular and making sure you are getting every little thing you need. Stuff doctors have never pointed out even though they were reading the same lab results. I know people who are anemic or having health issues during pregnancy and their doctors do nothing about it! Not trying to prevent or treat it in advance it's stupid.

    I feel huge too and after traveling home for Christmas everyone swore I was all belly... ya right! You can't lie to the size of my boots, rings and I can see my thighs haha. We had some maternity pics taken in the mountains nearby to capture the Arizona landscape and they turned out great.

    33 weeks today - getting close! Only a few more weeks of work then I am taking vacation before my due date to just chill. Planning on doing some light hiking with DH and the dogs and lots of laid back nesting

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    I'm 36 weeks and am switching now from every 2 week check-ups to every week. They sent off my group B strep swab and I made sure it was in my chart that penicillin will kill me, in case I test positive. They also drew blood, involving a failed attempt to the baby-sized vein in my arm and a successful collection from my hand, to test hematocrit and for syphilis. Apparently in this state, the recommendation is to test for syphilis 3 times during the course of the pregnancy, which seems excessive.

    Anyway, I feel like I'm getting down to crunch time and am trying to get all my ducks in a row. I ordered the last of the baby supplies I feel I'll need, bought a pack of those giant pads and will install the car seat and pack my bag sometime soon.

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    I'm 25w4d (it makes me feel further along to add those days in lol) and I had an appointment yesterday. Heartrate is still in the 130's, and I was actually thrilled to go as the night previous I took a fall on the ice. I landed on my butt and went gently into a lying position, but contemplated an ER visit until I felt the baby move and remain active. I didn't have any real pain anywhere so I figured I'd be okay until the appointment. Today I have to go and get my last glucose test just to ease my mind on the GD issue since I had it last time. She is FINALLY bouncing around a lot in there, you can see her make my belly jiggle from the outside. This is cute but my husband thinks it's freaky . Wait until edema strikes at the end and my ankles are like silly putty....that REALLY grosses him out.

    I ordered the bassinet we'll be using in our room for the first 3 or 4 months this morning. We're not going to purchase a crib until after she's born. The outfit I want to take her home in is in transit. I am mapping out the items I want to use and bring to the hospital this time. Last time I found out I was fully able to change into my own clothes/pajamas at any time so I plan on being far more comfortable I know I'm almost through the second trimester but it feels like I still have forever to go so the planning is helping to keep me patient.
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    Sorry I dropped off the thread ladies. I had a couple tough months on partial bedrest and had no time (despite bedrest- haha) to pop in on you all. I've read what I missed and I would love to hear some more updates! It's 2013 and everyone's little ones are due so soon!

    Our girls arrived about 6 weeks early (I was 34w3d to be exact) on new year's eve. (it was in the 2am hr though so no last babies of the year or anything!) They had both dropped below the 10th percentile in growth and we were most likely going to induce around 35 weeks anyway because of their growth restriction. I actually had an appointment at 10am on 12/31 to have an amnio to check their lung development. haha! They wouldn't let us go to that appointment.
    They were very small for 34 weekers and are currently still in the NICU. We hope they will be home by this time next week, but it might be a few days longer, we'll see. Right now they are on track for late next week.
    They had steroid shots to help their lung development several weeks before their birth. So they were breathing well on their own right away. They both had a little trouble the first few days with "breathing while eating" but they are taking all their feedings by mouth now (nursing during the day and bottles of expressed milk at night) and doing fine. They need to get a little more fat on them before they can be released now! We named them Lucille Violet (4 pounds 4 oz at birth and at 12 days old she is one ounce shy of being back at her birth weight) and Coraline Hazel (3 pounds 14 oz at birth and at 12 days old she is 4 pounds 1 oz.).

    The past 12 days have been a whirlwind really and I'm still trying to get my feet on the ground honestly. I have been spending the day with them at the hospital while my MIL and SIL tend to things at home. I could spend the night there, but I think I sleep better at home and it's really hard to be away from my other kids. I can't wait for the little ones to be home so we're all under one roof, but I almost feel like I am going to be completely overwhelmed since I am not yet caring for all 6 at once.

    I'll check back tomorrow evening - I read NB while I'm pumping every couple hrs. It keeps me awake. Hope you are all doing well and hanging in there for the last weeks/month. I know things get really uncomfortable, but "this too shall pass!" that's what I have always told myself.
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