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    Aww Tina that's so lovely!
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    Just checking in to see how all the busy mama's are doing around the holidays?
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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    I'm doing really well, gig, how are you doing?

    My baby is kicking a lot, it's so much fun. I read to him/her a lot, and play lots of music; all the good stuff I want him/her to know when he/she comes out. Not knowing the gender is a little bit frustrating though! We're closing in on a name. The bedroom is done, I've been painting it and it looks gorgeous with clouds in the ceiling. The crib is coming after christmas (family thing). I went shopping for christmas presents in Chelsea today, and these guys were like "hey, hot pregnant chick", which made me feel really good! People keep letting me walk ahead of them, and sit on the tube and everyone opens doors. I'm not that big, definitely on the small side of an almost six months pregnant woman, but it's nice to be taken care of. My boyfriend draws me a bath every morning and evening, gives me tons of massages and is very gentleman like. I'm very very happy and calm right now, which is interesting.
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    Busy here of course. My DH has his last class of the semester tomorrow and I am really looking forward to him having off work and of course school for over a week when the kids are home for winter break. We plan on doing a lot of family stuff, day trips etc. The house (we moved to this one in November) is about half decorated but looks cute so far.
    I am doing better, can't wear bras or else i get mastitis (seriously, while pregnant, its insane!) But other than that things are fine. MW comes on Friday to give me my rhogham shot, and that's pretty much it.
    Craving frozen blueberries lately, between my youngest and I we go through a large bag in about 2 days. My cousins wife is taking our picture at the family Christmas party so i will try to post it when I can...I hated the one at my brothers wedding since I was all swollen from the iv fluids.
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    I've been going bra-less around the house and just wearing them when I had to go out in public. I'm not working, so going to a doctor's appointment or birth class or the grocery store--usually 5-6 hours max. Now my uncle is visiting and I'm wearing one all day so as not to offend his delicate sensibilities. It's really uncomfortable though. I would happily hang out in my house naked for the next 2 months if I didn't have to get "decent" for other people's sake.

    I have my last birth class this week and my 2nd LLL meeting. I'm meeting with my doula next week to go over my birth plan. We have all the major stuff, like the car seat and cloth diaper collection, but there are still various items that I may not *need* but would find immensely helpful, about half a dozen items, none of them particularly expensive. It's just a matter of getting them together.

    I've joined a local parenting group on facebook of like-minded moms. I have a couple friends with kids, but not many, so it's nice to be building a network of people in my area that can relate to this new life I'm starting.

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