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    Crunchymama: i can't wait to hear the names you've picked. Your girls all have gorgeous names!!! We aren't even close to a name.

    I am so emotional right now. I feel like I've been crying non stop for the past few days. I am usually the most emotional person in the world (I cry over anything & everything) and now it's worse. I started crying in yoga class today when one of the kids gave me a gift, and I bawled my eyes out when I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night. I even started tearing up on the tube listening to my ipod. This is going to be TOUGH. On the bright side; Boyfriend is taking me to a spa hotel this weekend to de-stress (I think maybe it's more for him than me, but I'm happy all the same).

    I hope everyone is doing well!

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    My emotions/hormones have been surprisingly tame, my husband is impressed lol. This weekend in Las Vegas though I about punched the Ben and Jerry's guy in the face lol. I waited in line behind this huge family of 5 kids while they ordered and acted obnoxious then when it's my turn he goes "sorry, we are no longer serving ice cream this evening"... so I respond "you're kidding me right? I've been in line this whole time" and he goes "no I am not kidding you" so I yelled out "oh give me a break, you are completely ridiculous" and stormed off because it was either I broke out into a verbal war with lots of bad words in front of children or break down in tears so I just walked off and tried not to cry. I don't think my husband realized how upset I was because I have been so calm and cool this pregnancy but I wanted nothing more than for him to fight this battle for me. I had been dealing with inconsiderate people all day (I got pushed by one old lady in the restroom because she wanted my spot in line, to which I put my arm in front and stepped in to put her in her place and another old man pushed me aside on the bus, where there were no seats and I had the last bit of railing left, he was standing with a railing beforehand too but left that spot to take mine, by the door and was not even getting off soon... and then I got stuck in the middle flying all over the place so I called him rude and inconsiderate then a young man offered me his seat but with the help of nice people I was able to find another safe place to stand)... those are a few of the examples of just one day, not to mention I couldn't get a non-alcoholic drink anywhere. Most places had free water but if it wasn't free it cost more than a cocktail and my other option was Coke or Diet Coke which I am not drinking anyways. It was 11:15pm, we had been up, out and about all day and this was just the last straw. Oh I also forgot how another old lady tried to scold me for finding out the sex of my child. I didn't bother interacting with her much more after that but kindly gave her a piece of my mind, then she and her husband had the nerve to ask me why I wasn't laughing at all of their jokes! (they knew my dad and his gf and were coming with us to the Cirque du Soleil show)... So ya, needless to say I had no patience and this guy was a total ass. He could of put a sign up, said something earlier or just served me since everything was still up and running anyways. I am clearly pregnant so obviously Vegas isn't the most accommodating place in the world and eating ice cream is one of the few indulges I could have had. I haven't wanted ice cream once this pregnancy but it was late and I wanted a snack so it was that or fried food. Ugh!
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    I would have gone nuts on the ice cream guy too!

    Just hormonal in the form of crying at everything. An onstar commercial on the radio the other day had me sobbing....

    But onto awesome news...since the weekend I can definetly tell that the baby is moving!!! Helps a wee bit with my anxiety at this stage. Ultrasound is Friday, Andy is able to take off the afternoon so we are both excited to see baby and hope he or she is healthy. Trying to figure out childcare for Vio and Linus (L goes to school 3 days a week and when I absent mindedly made the appt I forgot he doesnt go in Fridays, oops) but regardless, DH and I can go together.
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    Second Trimester....Wooohooo! I have my next appointment on Wednesday and then she'll schedule my first ultrasound. Debating on going at the 18 week point like I think she mentioned or asking her to hold it off until 20 weeks. I usually try to wait until about 20 weeks because the baby seems to be spread eagle then. I don't know if I'd have the same chances at 18 weeks?

    For my first child they scheduled my ultrasound (the only one they scheduled back in 2000) at 16 weeks and the baby's legs were crossed and the umbilical cord was between the legs completely hiding the genitalia. However they told me by the heartbeat it would likely be a girl. I bought all girl items. I didn't find out he was a boy until 8 months along, and that was only because a OB/GYN had a new machine that offered 4D sonograms and they were having a special promotion trying to pull in clients.
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    Wow gigi I am surprised they said girl based on the HR since it's been proven that the theory is invalid lol. My u/s was at 18w2d because I was too excited to wait! Baby had NO issues showing us her goods lol. She was bum up moving all around. I had some peach iced tea and cherry twizzlers a bit before to help get her moving, and she measured at 19w5 days anyways so that may have helped, she had a growth spurt

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