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    It's funny because my tummy itched a few weeks before it "popped"... so maybe it's preparing for more growth haha. Our baby has been ahead on the growth chart all 3 times we checked during an u/s. 7.5 & 8.5 weeks it was only by a few days but now it is a week. I am sure it'll slow down at some point too because they grow at different rates. We know her due date is spot on because of ovulation. I only had the u/s done in the first trimester because of severe bleeding, if anyone remembers from either the Spring TTC thread or Pregnant 2012/2013 thread.

    As for weight gain, I think I haven't gained much because I gained it last year haha. I gained about 20lbs since moving to the US and was never able to take it off so I think I have enough fat storage I used to be 150-155lbs @ 5'7" and fairly athletic. Still athletic but with extra fat on there LOL BMI considers me overweight but when I talked to my OB about it she said she wouldn't consider me over weight based on meeting/weighing me however we agreed a 15-25lbs weight gain would be best and my mw seems to be satisfied with what I've gained so far. I am going to ask at my next appt if that is still a good goal. It sounds good to me. My bp has been the same since I was 21 (27 now) and my HR is slightly higher, a combo of being less fit and pregnant. It used to be in the low 60's, now in the low 80's.

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    I am sooo looking forward to getting back in shape once baby gets here. When my DH switched jobs, I let my yoga etc slack a little, I see pics of me a year or so ago and am like "Wow, I want to look and feel like that again!". So I do have a plan to get fit again, but, also not in a super rush as I know how life is with a newborn, especially with 4 siblings on top of it! Not sure how much weight I have gained, I was down to 129 (I am also 5'7) and then gained some weight before getting pregnant and was up to somewhere in the mid 140's last appointment. So not sure how much I have gained since the start. All I know is I was up to almost 200lbs with my oldest (!) and have never been up that high again!

    Anybody taking suppliments etc? I just ordered some Floridex (not sure of the spelling) today. I am vegetarian and while my iron has always been fine when pregnant, my MW when I was pregnant with Vio suggested I take it and since my diet is somewhat lacking of balance now (still having lots of food adversions, throwing up etc) I am going to give it a shot. Got some belly bar DHA chews too, ate the actual bars during Vio and Felix's pregnancy, but decided to just give those a shot. I hate prenatal vitamins, they make me sick, so hoping these 2 things do the trick and see I can eat "normal" again. appt is Friday. I am excited since looks like DH will be here for it (he works from home sometimes, and, my MW comes to my house) which is cool. Of course my house is a *wreck* since we are moving and there is crap everywhere...oh well. Wish we could share belly pics, mine has finally "popped" in such a way that I look pregnant.
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    I am taking Floradix too (that is the correct spelling). It doesn't taste good but make sure when you take it to follow it up with OJ to help the absorption. I was getting about 175% of my daily requirement for iron yet somehow my levels still came back at 11, so I think it's either I was eating the wrong things with iron or my body is just no good at absorbing it. I am now getting almost 300% of the requirement. I have not felt any different since taking it and haven't had my levels checked again yet. I am taking prenatals, they do not make me feel sick at all. They make me feel great! During the first tri sometimes I would start to feel "off" and I'd take one and felt better. They taste like crap though. Mine are taken 3x a day, it's the Garden of Life Raw prenatals. I am taking DHA too, Ocean Mom. I was taking B6 but since adding the Floradix I stopped because there are LOTS of B vitamins already included.

    Oh and at 5'7", I too do NOT want to go above 200! That's my main goal haha.

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    Itching? I don't want my tummy to itch... I've never heard anyone talking about that before!

    I take prenatal vitamins which makes me so nauseous. I have to swallow them with orange juice and eat half a pineapple after.

    I'm getting scared about gaining weight as I'm eating more and don't feel like exercising as much as I normally do. I'm 5'3 and I weigh just under 100 (have gained three pounds this far). I know I'm going to gain weight, but my sister was HUGE when she was pregnant almost four years ago, and she's hardly lost any of it.
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    Your skin will stretch to accommodate the baby which causes the itchiness. It's normal, and you can apply creams or lotions to ease that a bit. A lot of woman swear by cocoa butter to keep their skin moisturized and thereby more flexible/stretchable. At the end of your pregnancy it usually gives stretch marks.

    The prenatal vitamins make me nauseous as well so I usually switch to Flintstones Vitamins with Iron and take it twice a day.

    I had my appointment today (I'm 11w2d) and was able to hear the heartbeat!!! So thrilled. I'm still overweight so I don't know how to measure pregnancy weight this time since I've been losing that extra weight, I've lost about 10lbs total since June with diet changes, but I still have about 35-40 more lbs that is just excess weight.
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