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    Do you have an unusual name? Have you heard any uncommon name lately?

    Do you have an unusual name? Have you heard of any uncommon name lately?

    Here's a description on mine, which turns out to be rather unusual:
    My name is Maria Queralt. It's a name that always goes together in the place where I live (Catalonia, Spain). There's actually few people named like me where I live, but once you go visit a different place people just stare at you like 'Whaaaaat??'. Because there are so many compound names with Maria, and it's too popular I just go by Queralt. My friends couldn't spell my name for years, but now they have started to get used to it. They went from 'Karal' 'Caral' to 'Queral' and to finally spelling it right.
    And then when I went to the US last year, every time I met someone I had to say my name out loud over 5 times, and then I had to spell it. I even considered using Maria as my name, but I just couldn't respond to it. Once I got tired, I started getting used to being called something close to Coral. At a point where everyone pronounced my name differently, I started to get confused of how the real pronunciation of my name was like and I pronounced it differently every time I was asked, which was weird. At a point, I've realized that the people who pronounce it best are my family, my friends, and people who know another Queralt (which are few).
    At the age of fourteen, I've gotten over how weird it is, but I'm proud that it represents my catalan origin.
    I still check if it's in Nameberry a few times a week.... hoping that some day it will appear there unexpectedly....

    I have a fairly unusual name (unless you live where I do)... any comments on it? Both good and bad, I won't get offeded or anything
    Do you have a special name like me? Have you heard of any unusual name lately, one that has caught your attention? That's what this post is meant to be used for. Just share any unusual or not-so-unusual names!
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    I have a weird, almost unique name... I have to spell it out to foreign people... It's only well known in the area I live in, getting popular by the moment!
    But still, when I was born I was one of the few people in the world named... Queralt!

    I like (mostly popular girl names, got traumatized during my childhood for having a 'weird' name)
    Alice, Elizabeth, Clara, Eleanor, Julia, Isabel, Viviane. Also Geneva, Violet, Hazel.

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    Hello! My name is Ingrid...and I only have known one other Ingrid....and she was an elderly woman.
    My name's really unusual (especially for people my age) and I dislike it. Yes, I know that a ton people harp on about how pretty the name Ingrid is, but I don't get it. How can my name be pretty—with it's awkward beginning and harsh ending?
    That's why I sometimes wish that I went by Izzy—but it's far too late for that now... (I'm thirteen) My middle name starts with a F and is German...and I
    dislike it even more than my first name.
    And I like your name—it's rather unusual, but it sounds you have a nickname?


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    My middle name is Fawn, which I've always loved and have gotten really positive comments on. It helps balance out my extremely popular first name.

    I wish I had started going exclusively by "Fawn" instead of Ashley at some point in my life, to help me stand out from the sea of Ashleys. But this never occurred to me until I was in my late 20s, and now it just seems stupid.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    My name is Ashley Marie, not unusual at all, lol. Both were super popular in the US when I was born. Just found out this week though that both names are family names--my uncle is Bruce Ashley, and his brother is Ashley Bruce, and then two of my grandmother's sisters have the MN Marie (Wanda Marie and Patricia Marie). My parents picked it "just because it sounded good", but I like that it has accidental family significance. I never knew my aunt Wanda, but I met my Aunt Patty once, stayed at her house for a couple days, and she was just lovely, so I think it's a nice namesake to have.
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    Yes, I do.

    My first name and middle names are Monday Echo Reniva-Brie. I hate it.

    I go by Mon, but I so badly want to rename myself.

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