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    What do you think of YOUR name?

    Hello Berries! (:
    Thought this might be quite interesting!

    Copy & paste this
    First name:
    Middle name(s):
    What I thought of it when I was younger:
    What I think of it now:
    What I might have been called:

    Here's mine! (:

    First name: Jessica
    Middle name: Lucy
    Nicknames: Jess (friends), Jessie (family), Lucy (dad)
    What I thought of it when I was younger: Hated it! Was far too popular - Jessica has been one of the Top 10 girl's names in the UK since 1994! Lots of people in my classes at school were called Jessica. I wanted a 'cooler' more out-there name when I was younger, but then again I suppose most children did!
    What I think of it now: I actually really like my name! (: It's simple, everyone knows how to spell & say it, and I think it's quite pretty! I also like my middle name.
    What I might have been called: My parents wanted to call me Willow, but then they saw a film about a dwarf soldier guy who was called Willow & decided against it!!

    Your turn!

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    First name: Jessica
    Middle name(s): Marie
    Nickname(s): My nn's been Sica since before I can remember. My mom didn't like any of the "Jess" nicknames and I don't either.
    What I thought of it when I was younger: Neutral-- then gradually grew to dislike it.
    What I think of it now: Hate it! I'm legally changing it soon.
    What I might have been called: Idk. I've asked my mom multiple times, but she could never give me an answer.
    nineteen & renaming myself soon

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    First name: Angel
    Middle name(s): Starr
    Nickname(s): none. I dislike Nicknames as my name is short enough.
    What I thought of it when I was younger: I liked it fine when I was young. I didn't meet another Angel until I was in high school and several more, all men, since moving to a bigger city. The only time I disliked it wasn't really me disliking my name, it was the stupidity of people who couldn't understand that it was my name. I once had a sub argue with me in front of the whole class that my name was Angela and I just didn't know it an myself and my mother were stupid because Angel isn't a real name. Besides that, I used to get called Angela and April constantly by some people who refused to believe my name was Angel. That stopped when I moved to a bigger city :P
    What I think of it now: I think I have a very nice name. I've since learned the meaning. My mom was doing some bad things with her life when she got pregnant with me and stopped. She said she named me Angel "partly cause you saved my life, and partly cause of the epidural :P " i think it's very pretty and unique now.
    What I might have been called: My mom and the doctors thought I was going to be a boy until the moment I was born so I was going to be Alexander Nathaniel. I do love that name! When I was younger I almost wished I'd been an Alexandria or Alexandra. -- My Amazon Author Page

    Represented by:

    Proud Mama to:
    Persephone Elysia Willow -- June 5th, 2013
    Amelia Lorien Sophia -- December 2015.

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    Thanks guys! This is really interesting!

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    First name: Gina
    Middle name(s): Lauren
    Nickname(s): My cousins call me Gean (Jean) and friends call me G but I have had sooo many others over the years!
    What I thought of it when I was younger: I hated it! I used to tell my mom I was going to change it when I got older. It wasn't pretty to me at all. I wanted to be Tiffany, Courtney, Jessica or Brittany.
    What I think of it now: I am so happy I don't have any of the above names (no offense to anyone who does). I just love being the only Gina around. I'm proud of my parents for not giving me a popular name. I have a name that everyone has heard of and is easy to pronounce yet not many people seem to know any other Ginas. My dad was dead-set on Gina for a girl and it means a lot to me to have a name he enjoys so much. Plus, I love the initial G! It makes me smile to buy stuff with the letter G on it.
    What I might have been called: If I were a boy, I was going to be "Timothy Joseph" or "TJ." My mom said they didn't consider any other girls' names.

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