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    My name is rather uncommon, I suppose.

    It's Ophelia Wendy Irmgard Lolita Darling.

    I've married a man: Mr. Theobalt. I go by Irmgard Theobalt. As I child, my brothers me "O' Wild!" My parents liked to plan.

    My mother liked Ophelia from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
    Wendy: Because they obviously couldn't resist.
    Irmgard: I was named after a very beautiful and wise woman.
    Lolita: Well... I was her 13th child. She'll have to be forgiven. She gave birth to twelve boy then FINALLY a daughter, as she loves to say.

    I like my names. Even though they aren't common.

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    My first name is pretty uncommon, with an even more uncommon spelling; my middle name is one I don't see too often in the middle spot: Darci Victoria. My parents liked the name Darci, and since it was pre-internet and it's an uncommon name, had no idea there was a 'normal' way to spell it. Victoria is after my Mexican grandmother. I've always loved my name, and actually prefer the more unusual spelling. On the rare occasions I have had another Darci in my class (it's happened twice, different girls), they've always spelled it Darcy, which has made it easier for teachers to distinguish us.

    My daughter's name is super unusual and her middle name is like mine, common as a first name, not so much as a middle name: Aralyn Andrea. I liked Aralyn because even though it's unusual, it's close enough to several common names that people don't usually have much problem pronouncing it. I've also generally gotten really positive feedback on the name, people like that it's 'different but not weird' (as one person put it), and usually think it's really pretty and feminine. Andrea was for her father, Andre.
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    Ha, I know how you feel. I'm Maurilia, after my Puerto Rican grandmother. I've never met another besides my nana, and everyone thinks it's pretty, but they also give me looks because I'm pretty white, and Maurilia is obviously pretty hispanic. No one spells it correctly or pronounces it correctly on the first try.
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    My name is Mercedes Merrick. My last name ends with "s" so whenever try to say my full first name and my last name together, the -s sounds run together. I even had one teacher that completely dropped all of the -s sounds in my name. I go by Sadie most of the time. I used to hate Mercedes but it's ok now. I prefer Sadie. Merrick is my mother's maiden name. One teacher tried to say it muh-REEK but it's irish so it's more like MARE-ick

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    I still think my name is unusual enough [Sabrina] I love it. I recently talked to a Breezy.
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