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    @jessicat11 Thanks!! I enjoyed going to the states, and having the name I had was a special experience!! Everyone really tried to get it right, and my teacher was delighted when I handed in an essay about our names...
    I think that everything that has happened to me while growing up (going to the states, meeting people which thought my name was Coral and finding that baby girls are being named like me nowadays) has helped me love my name more and more everyday
    I have a weird, almost unique name... I have to spell it out to foreign people... It's only well known in the area I live in, getting popular by the moment!
    But still, when I was born I was one of the few people in the world named... Queralt!

    I like (mostly popular girl names, got traumatized during my childhood for having a 'weird' name)
    Alice, Elizabeth, Clara, Eleanor, Julia, Isabel, Viviane. Also Geneva, Violet, Hazel.

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    My name is Kylie Jean. I've only met two other Kylies, so in my general area, it's quite uncommon. My mn, Jean, is also my mom's, grandma's, and great-grandma's mn (Ronnette Jean, Caroline Jean, and Bessie Jean). I tend to go by Kylie Jean.

    I don't know if it's because it's relatively uncommon or what, but everyone messes up my name (Kyle, Kaylie, Keeley, Kelsey, etc.) or butchers the spelling (Kylee, Kiley, Kilie, Kyelee, Kyleigh, etc.).

    I don't like my name much, but it's better than being another Brittney or Jamie or Taylor.

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    @lita28 I think Maria Queralt is such a beautiful name! I love that it is so unique, but also so feminine.

    @ashthedreamer I have a cousin named Ashley Marie, and another cousin named Emma Marie. I suppose I'm biased, but I like both. I like Ashley Marie better than Emma Marie, though, just because Emma is so common where I live.

    My name is Selene. I haven't decided if I like it or hate it. It's a family name from my mother's side. It is for the Ancient Greek goddess, the personification of the Moon. I love the meaning and the symbolism, but when I started googling it, I found out that lots of people don't like it.

    I pronounce my name Sel-EEN in English, Sel-EHN in French. The Modern Greek pronunciation is Se-LEE-nee, but the Ancient Greek pronunciation is Se-LEH-neh. My best friend is from Greece, and her first language is Greek, and she pronounces it Se-LEH-neh (Se-LEE-nee, she says, sounds to her like the Moon in the sky, whereas Se-LEH-neh sounds like the goddess of the Moon). I love the Ancient Greek pronunciation, but I hate having a name that has so many different pronunciations. I would go by Se-LEH-neh all the time, but since my middle name starts with an A, it doesn't flow if I do. But I don't like Sel-EEN as much, since the EEN names (Darlene, Colleen) sound dated and old.

    I'd love to know what people here think of the name Selene (and how they pronounce it).
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    Maria Queralt is very pretty! Cool to have such a special name.

    Selenea; I love your name! Selene is one of my favourite names, I love greek mythology. I pronounce it se-LEH-neh, that's what sounds right to me, I studied the classic languages in university so that's what I'm basing it on. I think se-LEE-nee is pretty too.

    My name is Agnes Ottilie, and I'm named after family members (my brother and sister too). I've always been called Ottilie, my parents just didn't like the rhyme to Ottilie Agnes. I've had a love/hate relationship to my name all my life, it sounds good in norwegian, but I don't like the way Agnes sounds in english, and a lot of people have trouble pronouncing Ottilie. But I like my name now, and I would've regretted changing it (I was on the verge of changing it when I was 18).
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    I'ts Abigail, but I go by Abby. VERY popular.
    12 year old who loves names!
    Blair, Gwen, Louisa, Stella, Lia, Athena
    Rhett, Shane, Grey, Pierce, Cole, Luke

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