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    I'm back to say that I agree with Rosieposie, Shayna hadn't occurred to me. I love Shayna and it is the feminine form of Shane. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I like Shayne for a girl though I prefer the more traditionally masculine spelling Shane for a girl . Though either way you spell it I would agree that a more traditionally feminine middle name would be good to balance it out.

    And you should name your child Shayne/Shane as both you and your husband really like it. Someone is always going to dislike a name

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    If you guys like Shayne I say go for it. BUT I would give her a more feminine middle name just in case she decides she doesn't like Shayne or Shay.
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    I think Shay would be a nice name for a girl. I think it is soft and strong, but not girly, since you're not into that. Not so crazy about Shayne, but I like it better than other boys' names on girls.

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    Like the name, but hate the Y. I like Shane for a girl. Whatever spelling you pick I would suggest an obviously feminine middle name so that she doesn't get mail addressed to Mr! I think Shane without the Y could still be shortened to Shay.

    Some others you might like

    Shane Raquel
    Shane Lilac
    Shane Twyla
    Shane Willa
    Shane Isla
    Shane Brielle
    Shane Dahlia
    Shane Hailey
    Shane Jolie
    Shane Maylene
    Shane Jolene
    Shane Vivienne

    I just tried to think of stuff in the sound/image family of Rayleigh, no idea if you'll like any of these.


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