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    Extended Family Congrats Round 2 (dice game)

    Round 1:


    It's been 5 years since round 1.

    Roll for the relationship status of each child.
    *if you get divorced or widowed roll again for current
    **if it's bisexual or homosexual roll again for status. if you get it twice it goes back to heterosexual
    1. girlfriend/boyfriend (short term)
    2. married
    3. bisexual (roll even-female partner, odd-male partner)
    4. girlfriend/boyfriend (short term)
    5. bisexual (roll even-male partner, odd-female partner)
    6. engaged
    7. engaged
    8. widowed
    9. single
    10. single
    11. single
    12. homosexual
    13. married
    14. married
    15. married
    16. divorced
    17. married
    18. girlfriend/boyfriend (long term)
    19. single
    20. girlfriend/boyfriend (long term)

    SO First and Middle Names
    2. Boys: Chris, Richard, Matt, Marc, Ethan, Hedo, Scott, Carter, Anthony, Ezra, Jameson, Owen, Theo, Atticus, Kai, Rhys, Enzo, Hudson, Nico, August
    Girls: Katherine, Melinda, Ruta, Vida, Amelia, Charlotte, Evelynn, Isla, Phoebe, Evelyn, Iris, Penny, Violet, Claire, Quinn, Aurora, Evangeline, India, Clara, Genevieve
    3. (xalaxxi, hippy, norwegian, wrestler)
    5. (parent's name)
    6. (witch)
    7. 4 letters long
    8. Boys: (top 20)
    9. Starts with M
    10. (indonesian, monstrall, goth)

    Roll for Last Names of SOs
    1. (star's last name)
    4. (ambiguous and indonesian)
    6. (name of lake)
    7. (masculine, fairy, classical roman and arabic)
    8. (celeb's last name)
    9. Paquin, Moyer, Tramell, Kwanten, Wesley, Bauer, Ellis, Preston, Skarsgard, Woll, Van Straten, Lowe, Parrack, Bowles, Manganiello, Sanderson, McMillian
    10. (name of county)

    Roll for Number of Children Each Child has Added in the Last 5 years.
    1. 4
    2. 2
    3. none
    4. 1
    5. 3
    6. none

    Roll for Gender of Each Child they Had
    1. boy
    2. girl
    3. girl
    4. boy
    5. girl
    6. boy

    Roll for Age of Each Child
    1. 2
    2. adopted or step-child (you choose age)
    3. 1
    4. 3
    5. infant
    6. 4

    Roll for First and Middle Names of All Children
    1. Starts with S
    3. Ends with Y
    4. (use parent's first and middle names as inspirations)
    5. (shorter name)
    6. (longer name)
    7. (correct gender and choose)
    8. Ends with N
    9. (correct gender and choose)
    10. (indian, tsang, chinese, native american and english)
    13. Boys:
    14. (correct gender and choose)
    15. Contains an M and A
    16. 5 letters long
    17. Contains an N and D
    18. Boys:
    19. Boys: (new random boys name)
    Girls: Emiliana, Calliope, Maya, Anya, Linden, Megan, Chiara, Hadley, Tessie, Kari, Clementine, Marjorie, Winifred, Tamsyn, Danielle, Fatima, Peyton, Kimberly, Juliana, Alina, McKenzie, London, Isabel, Natalie, Alana, Giselle, Leslie, Alexandria, Rylee, Nicole, Brooklyn, Samantha, Rebecca, Alexis, Margaret, Maggie, Emily, Sadie, Autumn, Laila, Jennifer, Callie, Brooklynn, Camryn, Marissa, Kayla, Miranda, Amy, Eden, Madelyn
    20. (icelandic, breton and monstrall)

    Next Round Coming Soon

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    Archelaus Cannon *Archie* Beech
    Zillah Jennifer Hamblin Beech

    25- Eli Penn - married to Marta June Barkley - Booth Webster (4)
    25- Kendra Jennifer - married Nash Milo Radnor - Jude Homer & Wren Diana (4), Jonah Andrew (2)
    23- Miriam Elaine *ME (Emmy)* - single - Graham Paxton & Maia Chloe (4)
    23- Parker Catalina - single - none
    20- Luther Jonathan - engaged to Helene Riona Norris - Solomon Maxwell *Solo* (4)
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    DW: Anna Daisy Ellsworth
    DH: Micaiah Pello Roman

    DD: May Piper [29]
    -DH: Milo Ashton Barack
    --DSS: Nathan Tobias [7]
    --DD: Stella Kristín [4]
    --DD/DS: Maya Natalie/Nikolas James [2]
    May, Milo, Nate, Stella, Maya and Niko.

    DS: Nikolaas Peter [27]
    -DFiancee: Eira Batari O'Hannagain
    --DD: Lucy Camilla [nb]
    Niko, Eira and Lucy.

    DD: Elizabeth Lily [25]
    -DFiance: Liam Henry Cassius
    Beth and Liam.

    DD: Rose Charlotte [21]
    -Diancee: Amelia Claire Barkley
    Rose and Amelia.

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    LN: Hamilton
    DH: Carter Penn
    DW: Brynn Violet (Maiden: Alexander)

    DD (27): Macy Teagan
    -DFiancé: Luke Jameson (LN: Meyer)
    --DS (3): Finn Jackson

    DS (26): Owen Brigham
    -DGF: Isabella Phoebe (LN: Logan)

    DD (23): Avery Charlotte
    -DH: August Malcolm (LN: Murray)
    --DS (2): Sebastian Rider

    DD (23): Piper Florence
    -DH: Isaac Paul (LN: Dixon)
    --DSD (6): Flora Emily
    --DS (4): Oliver Samuel
    --DS/DD (1): Vincent Jacob & Beatrix Norah

    DD (21): Amelia Lucy
    -DH: Levi Joseph (LN: Ellis)
    --DD (2): Jolie Kate
    --DD (1): London Maggie

    DD (19): Eliza Molly
    --DD (1): Madeline Ruby
    Favorite Girls: Delilah, Emerson, Esme, Fiona, Greer, Hadley, Harper, Indie, Isla, Maisie, Mila, Navy, Penelope, Piper, Poppy, Quinn, Sloane, Sutton, Tallulah, Wren

    Favorite Boys: August, Bennett, Carter, Declan, Elliot, Everett, Ezra, Ford, Grayson, Harrison, Henry, Jasper, Jude, Malcolm, Maxwell, Miles, Oliver, Owen, Sebastian, Theodore

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    Jack Hudson Blythe
    Aria Jenna Shelby Blythe

    James Leo Blythe (26) & Delaney Nina (Evan) Blythe (24)
    ——Mason Burke Blythe (4)
    ——Maddox Merrick Blythe (3)
    ——McKenzie Lane Blythe (3)
    ——Madeline Vivian Blythe (2)
    Charles Bradley Blythe (25) & Mila Kristina (Manganiello) Blythe (27)
    ——Alexander Camden Blythe (3, adopted from France)
    ——Madison Teagan Blythe (1)
    Emma Lilia (Blythe) English (23) & Maxwell Maverick English (24)
    ——Stella Faith English (2)
    ——Chelsea Grace English (2)
    Lucy Rachel (Blythe) Henrie (22) & Theodore Christian Henrie (married, 24)
    ——Ashton Spencer Henrie (infant)
    Katie Taylor Blythe (21) & Carter Scott Barkley (long-term, 21)
    Annabel Gisela Blythe (19) & Matt Rhys Cyprianus (long-term, 20)
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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