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    Apr 2009
    DH: Ryan Thomas Gosling
    DW: Caroline Vanessa Gosling

    How Many Births: 8

    1. B/B/B: Miles Corbett, Lennon Jackson and Beck Hunter
    2. B: Asa Flynn "Ace"
    3. G/B: Blake Georgia and Landon Kingston
    4. G/G/G: Stella Juliet, Harper Maggie and Betsy Hannah
    5. B/B: Mason Dash and Mateo Dean
    6. G/B: Piper Erin and Silas Ryan
    7. B: Holden Grey
    8. G/B: Grace Clover and Walker Chase

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    Aug 2009
    DH: James Martin Lafferty
    DW: Susannah Henrietta {Gosling} Lafferty

    DD/DD: Pearl Maris Lafferty / Audra London Lafferty
    DD: Delilah Faith Lafferty
    DS/DS: Camden Wyatt Lafferty / Trenton Eli Lafferty
    DD: Blake Juliette Lafferty
    DD/DD: Macy Keagan Lafferty / Stella Tatum Lafferty
    DS/DD/DD/DS: Shane Asher Lafferty / Scarlett Niamh Lafferty / Violet Saoirse Lafferty / Patrick Lennon Lafferty
    DD: Grace Caroline Lafferty
    DD: Elle Frances Lafferty
    DD/DD: Maisie Cheyenne Lafferty / Aria Bronwyn Lafferty
    DS: Flynn Kiefer Lafferty

    James & Susie Lafferty
    - Pearl, Audra, Lila, Cam, Trent, Blake, Macy, Stella, Shane, Scarlett, Via, Patrick, Grace, Elle, Maisie, Aria, & Flynn Lafferty
    I would rather have a few small speed bumps slow me down,
    causing me to spill my coffee on my dress,
    than ever hand someone else the keys to my life.
    Track Sixteen
    Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately
    Alicia Cook

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    Apr 2012
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    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    Gentlemen: Andrew | Arlen | Finn/Finnegan | Harvey | Henry | James | Lachlan | Nolan | Patrick | Theodore | Thomas

    Ladies: Gemma | Jane | Lily | Phoebe

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    May 2012
    DH: Adam Noah Levine
    DW: Summer Hannah Levine

    How Many Births: 8
    1. (b/b) Lennon Dexter and Rufus Tiger
    2. (g/g) Magdalene Agnes and Keziah Harper
    3. (g/g) Ireland Winona and Paisley Holland
    4. (b/b/b) Jett Kingsley, Sven Bruno and Dante Merle
    5. (g/b) Harley Phineas and Wednesday Rory
    6. (b/g/g/b) Niall Oscar, Olive Sinead, August Saoirse and Hugo Finn
    7. (b) Roman Clay
    8. (b/g/g/b) Carter Napoleon, Elektra Louisa, Beatrice Lux, Roux Lowell.

    All up:
    Lenny, Rufus, Magda, Kez, Irela, Paisley, Jett, Sven, Dante, Harley, Edie, Niall, Ollie, August, Hugo, Rome, Carter, Ellie, Bea and Roux.
    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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