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    Nov 2011
    DH: Monroe Jackson Rathbone V
    DW: Rachel Alana

    How many birth? 5
    1 - girl
    2 - girl
    3 - boy/boy
    4 - Boy/Girl/Girl/Boy
    5 - boy

    Romy Florence (12)
    Iris Pearl (11)
    Jasper Grey (9)
    Blake Sawyer (9)
    Flynn Willoughby (6)
    Claire Ebony (6)
    Sorrel Roisin (6)
    Miles Raleigh (6)
    Arthur Phineas (2)
    - Lucy Marlowe - Abigail Darcy - Everly Eden - Bellamy Lux - Isla Pearl - Ophelia Jayne - Juniper Claire -Zoe Amadea - Aria Lysann

    - Theodore River - Paxton Elijah - Felix Raleigh - Logan Ambrose - Luis Raphael - Jonah Taddeo

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    Dec 2011
    DH: Ian Joseph Somerhalder
    DW: Josephine Philippa Somerhalder

    DS: Nolan Armstrong
DS/DS/DS: Isaac Henry, Gideon Louis & Jude Arthur
    DD: Miranda Catalina
    DD/DD/DD: Ivy Krishna, Juliette Ebony & Stella Melanie
DD/DD: Juniper Simone & Mitzi Rosalinda
DS/DS/DS: Hugo Sean, Oscar Dara & Theo Ronan
DD/DD/DD: Lola Georgiana, Sophia Augusta & Matilda Elinor
    DS/DS/DS: Edward Castor, Josiah Amsterdam & Philip Oberon

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    Mar 2012
    DH: Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson
    DW: Theresa Bianca Pattinson

    How Many Births: 7

    How Many Babies/Genders Per Birth: (roll once for each birth)

    For Each Child Pick One Name From Each List (First name can come from list 1 or list 2 as long as the middle name comes from the other list)

    Evander Fabian Pattinson 'Evan'
    Asher Louis and Reuben Flynn Pattinson 'Ash and Roo'
    Jackson Denver Pattinson 'Jack'
    Pippa Ebony Pattinson 'Pip'
    Rosie Betsy Pattinson 'Rose'
    Annabel Aofie and Dexter Rian Pattinson 'Belle and Dex'
    Charlotte Louise Pattinson 'Char'
    |Arlo Benjamin |Caleb August |Ezra Scott |Jacob Harrison |Jude Apollo |Lincoln River |Myles Hunter |Seth Gideon |Watson Christopher
    |Audrey Pearl |Calla Louise |Celeste Adora |Delilah Posey |Lydia Katherine |Mila Selene |Saskia Willow |Selah Elise |Stella Elizabeth |

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    Aug 2012
    Long Island, NY
    DH: Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson
    DW: Eliza Josephine

    DD: Pearl Vida
    DS: Jude Dexter
    DD/DD/DD: Florence Dolly 'Flossie' // Adelaide Reba 'Ada' // Carolina Faith 'Caro'
    DS/DS/DS: Gus Donovan // Ned Sullivan // Sid Dunstan
    DD: Juniper Ivy 'Juno'
    DS: Hugo Patrick
    DS/DS: Milo Willoughby // Dashiell Bertram 'Dash'
    DD: Olive Beatrice
    DS: Violet Macy
    DS/DD/DD/DS: Theodore Noah 'Theo' // Beatrice Margot 'Bee' // Matilda Lilac 'Tilly' // Sebastian Isaac 'Seb'

    Robert and Eliza Pattinson and their children
    Pearl, Jude, Flossie, Ada, Caro, Juno, Hugo, Milo, Dash, Olive, Violet, Theo, Bee, Tilly and Seb
    ⋆ Margaret Mary ⋆

    Elisabeth Mary ⋆ Josephine Sarah ⋆ Iris Christabel ⋆ Beatrice Helena ⋆ Harriet Cordelia
    Asher Benedict ⋆ Jude Raphael ⋆ Gabriel John ⋆ August Samuel ⋆ Joah Francis

    Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

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