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    My problem with gender selection is that it can be a slippery slope from something as "innocent" (in quotation cause it depends on how you feel about the subject) as gender selection to genetic screening and trait selection. Somehow it feels like it takes away from the miracle of IVF giving childless couples the ability to conceive. If you can then just say "sorry this one isn't good enough, I want the other model" it becomes less about the miracle and more about perfection.
    Nobody is perfect. But if we start screening for everything else, ie cancer, disabilities, physical attributes...etc we will miss out on some of the best things a varied society has to offer. And some of it's most influential people. If their parents could have screened for learning disabilities Albert Einstein, Agatha Christie, Leonardo Da Vinci, Magic Johnson, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Whoopi Goldberg, Woodrow Wilson, and George Patton might not have existed.
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    Gender selection is excellent if there is a genuine medical genetic issue which needs to be avoided. Other than that it is extremely naive to choose gender for a personal whim. The person selecting the gender is assuming the child will fit a stereotype, that in itself is madness.

    People like me spend top dollar just trying to GET pregnant on IVF. If the people who are so desperate to select a boy or girl could walk a day in my shoes they might realise that ANY baby is a miracle and blessing regardless of gender.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    Thomas Edison, [...] Woodrow Wilson, [...]might not have existed.
    Small loss, there's plenty of other thieves and Klansmen available on backorder.

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    My fiance's parents went through trial and error to get a daughter. After my fiance was born his mom said she wanted a daughter. Martin was followed by 4 boys. She finally had a daughter. A year later they contemplated adopting another girl. Shortly after researching they concieved their second daughter.
    My fiance and I have talked about this simply because of his family. He wants at least one of each so we've decided to have two children and if they happen to be of the same gender we want to adopt one of the other. If we have one of each we still want to adopt another child.
    @emiliaj: I agree on the medical/genetic issue. If I carried a serious (affecting quality of life) x-linked genetic condition I would be much more concerned of the gender of my child. As it stands I have a mild issue (color-blindness) that doesn't affect you in anyway you can't work around so my future son(s) will have to learn to adapt.
    As to the couple in the article, I can imagine how their sons feel. All the money time and effort to get a daughter. And the poor youngest son, he's only there because they thought he was girl! Poor kid. I wouldn't want to spend $40,000 on something that may not work. They could have saved so much money and time if they adopted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stripedsocks View Post
    Small loss, there's plenty of other thieves and Klansmen available on backorder.

    Someone's clearly unappreciative. And neither of them were thieves!
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