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    I would never do that. It isn't worth the money, in my opinion. It makes me sad to think that some couples are so disappointed that they will spend so much money to do that. Right now I have one son, and I would be happy with whatever gender we are blessed with in the future.
    I agree that it is meddling with nature and should not be done. Technology is getting more advanced and we are meddling with things that should not be meddled with. This is my opinion though.
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    But how would the other siblings feel?! There was thousands of dollars spent to create the perfect sibling for them, would you feel unwanted because you weren't that gender?
    I think it's disgusting that people would consider this so lightly.

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    I wouldn't do that because I'm cheap and it does seem unethical, but I'll admit after (a year or two after) I give birth to the boy I'm carrying, I plan to try out some old wives tales to conceive a girl.

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    I've said here before that I'd love to have all boys, but that doesn't mean I'd be disappointed to have a daughter. All I want is a healthy baby. Even if the sex really mattered to me, the most I would consider doing would be the Shettles method--timing intercourse to increase the chance of having one or the other, but I'd still take whatever I ended up with and rejoice.

    The only circumstance where I could conceive of doing embryonic gender selection would be if I discovered that my children were in danger of suffering from some sort of sex-linked disease, like hemophilia. I think it would be worth it then, but just because I have a preference? No way.
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    I haven't read the article but the fertility clinic that I went to for my IVF does gender selection for an additional $10000. I didn't do that because I didn't really care what gender I ended up with I just wanted a child but I don't really think there is anything wrong with it. I think if you feel that you can only be a good parent to a child of a certain gender or if you have a slew of boys and or girls and really wanted the opposite gender that you should be able to make that decision. I don't know anyone who has actually done it b/c you are talking about $20000 for both the IVF and gender selection and that doesn't include meds but I certainly know people who would like to. In my mind no matter what you do with fertility txs God decides whether he sends you a child or not so you can go through all of the procedures but if you aren't meant to be the parent of a boy/girl it isn't going to happen.
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