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    I am an only child and people always commented about how polite and well spoken I was. I also learned to enjoy my own company. I am absolutely comfortable around large groups of people, but I also feel very happy on my own. I know I have quite a few friends with lots of siblings who feel extremely lonely with only a few hours of time on their own. I enjoyed being an only child and do not feel slighted in the least. I always had friends over when I wanted them and they loved coming to my house to escape being picked on by their brothers and sisters. On the flip side my husband has a lot of brothers and sisters and they are the most competitive and jealous people I have ever met. My dh says that, "the squeaky wheel got the grease" when they were kids, so even now they are always clamoring for attention and praise from their parents by one upping each other. This is just my singular experience, but dont let any one make you feel bad about only having one child. Only children have the same chance to grow up to be as normal and well adjusted as someone with siblings,.
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    I don't like when people criticize others for only having one child, and criticize people who have multiple children. Every family and person is different. If they want one child, let them have one child. If the next family or person wants multiple children, they have the right to decide. I also hate the stereotypes of children without siblings and children with siblings. Every child is different, we don't need to put them into specific categories or make assumptions based on other children because that is just dumb. This is my opinion though and I know a lot of people will disagree with me.

    I do hope that this thread does not go bad like the other thread. This is a sensitive topic, because when expressing our opinions about this subject, somehow someone gets offended and suddenly it becomes a circus.
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    First off, I'm sorry you weren't able to have another child. Wanting a child (first, second, whatever) and not being able to have it can be tough. But I don't feel sorry for your son. I was an only child and it worked out pretty well for me. I was lonely sometimes, but that was more because we lived out in the country without any neighbor children, but I got all my parents' attention, instead of having to share it. My mom was 5 when her brother was born, and he had a lot of health problems in childhood, so she felt like she went from having her mom all to herself to almost never seeing her. If you son's 8, having another child now wouldn't offer him a playmate anyway. It sounds like he's a great kid. All the lessons of sharing and selflessness don't require a sibling to teach them, and there are plenty of kids with siblings that still don't manage to learn them properly. My mom wanted another child, but after 5 years of fertility treatments to have me, she would have been starting over trying again at 37 (which was a lot older 30 years ago than it is now) and it probably would have been years of trying and miscarriages again before producing another child, if that ever even happened. She didn't want to miss out on time with the child she already had because she was too focused on having another. She didn't spoil me with toys or clothes or lack of rules, but when it came time for me to go to college, she could afford to pay my whole way, which she couldn't have afforded if there were 2 or 3 of us.

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    Hi, I was almost 32 when I had our son 10 weeks prematurely. He's 8 now and you would never know he was a preemie. I had a m/c Labor Day weekend 2011 at age 39 and have accepted that he will probably be our only child. Then I read through the "What's it like to be an only child?" forum that is now closed and the disadvantages/advantages of having siblings. The sad truth is that sometimes you can't provide your child with a sibling. Some people assume that we're being selfish when in reality I have struggled with infertility for seven years. I've had close friends tell me that I should give our son a sibling because it would help him to be a better person and realize that "the world doesn't revolve around him." !
    Please, don't believe that. The people saying that are mean and judgemental. Having siblings does not make one a better person. Otherwise, this world would be a lot better/kinder. There are lots of people with siblings who are selfish, overly competitive, mean, and violent.

    Also, I am an only child and I was never lonely. I'm very happy with my life. I never wanted siblings.
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