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    I am an only child and people always commented about how polite and well spoken I was. I also learned to enjoy my own company. I am absolutely comfortable around large groups of people, but I also feel very happy on my own. I know I have quite a few friends with lots of siblings who feel extremely lonely with only a few hours of time on their own. I enjoyed being an only child and do not feel slighted in the least. I always had friends over when I wanted them and they loved coming to my house to escape being picked on by their brothers and sisters. On the flip side my husband has a lot of brothers and sisters and they are the most competitive and jealous people I have ever met. My dh says that, "the squeaky wheel got the grease" when they were kids, so even now they are always clamoring for attention and praise from their parents by one upping each other. This is just my singular experience, but dont let any one make you feel bad about only having one child. Only children have the same chance to grow up to be as normal and well adjusted as someone with siblings,.
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