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    I love having several children, however, that is my choice. All I wish is that parents will give love to their children, whether one or 10, that each child is made to feel loved, wanted and is provided annoys me when people get crazy about how many kids a person does or does not have. My one BIL and his wife plan on having no children and my inlaws are all up in arms about this, so what! They are admitting they do not want any and not bringing a child into the world that they feel will not fit with their life. Good for them for acknowledging this and putting up with everyones assumptions.

    All this to say, what I choose is best for *my family* and what another person chooses is best for them, and who am I to say what another family should do, and who is anyone to say what I should do, kwim?

    People also never know (unless they are close to you) what a woman goes through to have children. Infertility is horrible, I wish it on nobody and unless somebody has had this happen to them, or, knows a person who this has happened to they need to think before they speak. While I am so very lucky to have only had 1 miscarriage, I have also had 1 stillbirth and already random stupid strangers are saying things to me and my DH while we have our 4 children in tow about our family size and if they only knew the struggle to add a much wanted 5th child to our family (we had the mc almost a year to the day after our son was born dead) they would shut the heck up and consider what is coming out of their mouths. I am sorry that people feel the need to comment on your family size, I have several friends who have one child either by choice or not by their own choice (infertility) and the things they hear make me cringe on a regular basis.

    Much love to you! Keep adoring your beautiful child!
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