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    Parent of Only Child (Not by Personal Choice)

    Hi, I was almost 32 when I had our son 10 weeks prematurely. He's 8 now and you would never know he was a preemie. I had a m/c Labor Day weekend 2011 at age 39 and have accepted that he will probably be our only child. Then I read through the "What's it like to be an only child?" forum that is now closed and the disadvantages/advantages of having siblings. The sad truth is that sometimes you can't provide your child with a sibling. Some people assume that we're being selfish when in reality I have struggled with infertility for seven years. I've had close friends tell me that I should give our son a sibling because it would help him to be a better person and realize that "the world doesn't revolve around him." Meanwhile, all the teachers, camp counselors, friends' moms, relatives and acquaintances he has ever met comment on what a genuinely sweet and caring boy our son is. Our son is not spoiled or over indulged at all. He willingly gives his used toys to the family next door that has three younger boys and wants to pick out gifts for charity. He is smart, funny, considerate and has excellent social skills. He was voted by his classmates as the student demonstrating the best character (Adaptability, Compassion, Respect, etc.) traits in his grade. So, I would like to speak up on behalf of parents who only have one child. Please don't make us feel that our child is suffering because he/she doesn't have a sibling. Especially if we have hoped that we could give him/her one. Thank you!

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