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    I really don't understand or like people sometimes. Ha! When will people realize that your choices are your choices and no one has the right to hand out unsolicited advice? I'm sure you don't like having people thrust their opinions at you when they have no idea that you're dealing with infertility. How rude, insensitive and inconsiderate of them. It's no ones business or place to judge whether you have no child, one child (whether by choice or circumstance) or 30 children — so long as they're loved and well taken care of.

    In the case of only children being spoiled and having a "ME, ME, ME!" attitude, I don't actually know any only children (that I can recall atm) BUT boy do I know some spoiled, self-centered, generally horrible people who have upwards of 3/4/5 siblings! It's not about how many children you have, it's about how you raise them.
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    Every only child I know has loved it and never upset they didn't have a sibling. They are all generous loving people and nothing like that thread made out. If we could only have this one child I would not be upset, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. OP I am sure you're an amazing mother

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    I appreciate your comments and support. Children are such a blessing and I love spending time with them. Now I can go to my younger cousin's baby shower today with a happier heart. She's having a daughter in November. Thank you.

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    Everlea, my son was an only child for ten years before he aquired a much younger step-sister that he adores. I was single that whole time, and you would laugh out loud to hear some of the ridiculous things people would say to me about him being an only. Everything from I had better hurry up and "get a man" when he was young - just so we could get to makin' siblings! - to how it was too bad he'd gotten "too old" to adjust to a sib!! Lord, the nonsense that pours out of people's mouths! Your son sounds like a fabulous young man, which is validation enough for parenting an only. Kudos to you.

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    Only children actually tend to do better in terms of educational attainment, and they don't seem to have adjustment problems. I'm attaching an article that references some of the research. The recent book "Nurture Shock", by Po Bronson discusses sibling rivalry, and it turns out that children learn bad behaviors from having siblings as well as good ones.

    I have an only. My friends who are onlies tell me that one thing that they do worry about is dealing with their parents' end of life health crises by themselves. I think therefore, that i f you have an only, it's important to have a will, living will, assisted living, retirement accounts etc. sorted out properly so that your child will have an easier time dealing with any crises that might arise.,00.html

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