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    It's Showtime

    Another rework of an older game. The one I first saw was started by chrbaker, on November 14th, 2008 and had a last post on May 25th, 2010.

    I messed with the formatting, corrected a few names, added middle names that I could find, and added more families. Just rename your TV families however you would choose. If you don't know a show or the characters, you could just go hog wild or look up character Bio's on wikipedia or IMDB if you want to be all technical.

    Little House on the Prairie
    DH: Charles Phillip Ingalls
    DW: Caroline Lake Ingalls
    DD: Mary Amelia Ingalls
    DD: Laura Elizabeth Ingalls
    DAS: Albert (Original last name Quinn) Ingalls
    DAS/DAD (Bio Siblings): James/Cassandra (Original last name Cooper) Ingalls
    DD: Carrie Celestia Ingalls
    DD: Grace Pearl Ingalls

    The Cosby Show
    DH: Heathcliff Huxtable "Cliff"
    DW: Clair Olivia Huxtable
    DD: Sondra Huxtable
    DD: Denise Huxtable
    DS: Theodore Aloysius Huxtable "Theo"
    DD: Vanessa Huxtable
    DD: Rudith Lillian Huxtable "Rudy"

    DH: Darrin Stephens
    DW: Samantha Stephens
    DD: Tabitha Stephens
    DS: Adam Stephens
    Samantha's Mom: Endora
    Samantha's Father: Maurice
    Darrin's Mom: Phylis
    Darrin's Father: Frank

    The Addams Family
    DH: Gomez Addams
    DW: Morticia Addams
    DS: Pugsley Addams
    DD: Wednesday Friday Addams
    Other: Uncle Fester Addams
    Other: Cousin It
    Other: Thing
    Other: Lurch

    Brady Bunch
    DH: Michael Paul Brady
    DW: Caroline Ann "Carol"
    DS: Gregory Brady "Greg"
    DD: Marcia Brady
    DS: Peter Brady
    DD: Jan Brady
    DS: Robert Brady "Bobby"
    DD: Cynthia Brady "Cindy"
    Other: Alice Franklin

    Full House
    DH: Daniel Ernest Tanner
    DW(decd): Pamela Tanner
    DD: Donna Jo Tanner "DJ"
    DD: Stephanie Judith Tanner
    DD: Michelle Elizibeth Tanner
    Bro-in-law: Jessie Katsopulis
    Jessie's Wife: Rebecca Donaldson Katsopoulis
    Katsopoulis Twins: Nicholas and Alexander Katsopolis
    Best Friend: Joseph Alvin Gladstone

    Family Ties
    DH: Steve Keaton
    DW: Elise Keaton
    DS: Alexander Proctor Keaton
    DD: Mallory Keaton
    DD: Jennifer Keaton
    DS: Andrew Keaton

    DH: Daniel Connor "Dan"
    DW: Roseanne Harris Connor
    DD: Rebecca Connor "Becky"
    DD: Darlene Connor
    DS: David Jacob Connor "DJ"
    DS: Jerry Garcia Connor
    Sister: Marjorie Harris "Jackie"

    Fresh Prince Of BelAir
    DH: Phillip Banks "Phil"
    DW: Vivian Banks "Viv"
    DS: Carlton Banks
    DD: Hilary Violet Banks
    DD: Ashley Banks
    DS: Nicholas Andrew Michael Shawn Nathan Wanyá Banks "Nicky"
    Nephew(and star): Will Smith
    Other: Geoffrey Barbara Butler

    Big Love
    DH: William Orville Henrickson "Bill"
    DW1:Barbara Dutton Henrickson "Barb"
    __DD: Sarah Elizabeth Henrickson
    __DS: Benjamin Henrickson "Ben"
    __DD: Tancy Henrickson "Teenie"
    DW2: Nicolette Eugenia Grant "Nikki"
    __DS: Wayne Grant
    __DS: Raymond Grant
    DW3: Margene Heffman
    __DS: Aaron Heffman
    __DS: Lester Heffman
    __DD: Nell Heffman
    Nobody ever said life was easy.

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    Little House On The Prairie:
    DH: Jacob Reuben
    DW: Eleanor Rose
    - DD: Imogen Amy
    - DD: Sophia Jemimah
    - DS: Mason Zachariah
    - DS/DD: Zane Jonah & Chloé Emma
    - DD: Eden Tatiana
    - DD: Esmé Isla

    The Cosby Show:
    DH: Isaac Harry
    DW: Charlotte Vannah
    - DD: Isabella Georgia
    - DD: Ella Lydia
    - DS: Liam Maximillian
    - DD: Jasmine Noelle
    - DD: Madeline Lacey

    MGF: Edward Zachary
    MGM: Ava Clara
    PGF: Nathaniel Oscar
    PGM: Norah Emery
    - DH: Lucas Ethan
    - DW: Beth Juliet
    -- DD: Matilda India
    -- DS: Miles Callum

    The Addams Family:
    DH: Daniel Theodore
    DW: Esther Alice
    - DS: Micah Rhys
    - DD: Freya Samarah
    Uncle: Thackary Ezra
    - Cousin: Joshua Isaiah
    - Thing: Noah Abraham
    - Lurch: Joseph Charlie

    The Brady Bunch:
    DH: Enzo Dylan
    DW: Emilie Fae
    - DS: Milo Casey
    - DD: Zara Selena
    - DS: Carter Bruno
    - DD: Milena Rebekah
    - DS: Bradley Aiden
    - DD: Ebony Madison
    - DD: Abigail Siân

    Full House:
    DH: Marcus Rupert
    DW: Genevieve Ruby
    - DD: Seren Caitlin
    - DD: Savannah Melody
    - DD: Jade Erica
    Uncle: Alexander Elias
    Aunt: Ruth Aoife
    - DS/DS: Gregory Josiah & Arlo Felix
    - DS: Lemuel Ezekiel

    Family Ties:
    DH: Thomas Alfred
    DW: Rosalie Lotte
    - DS: Elliot Abel
    - DD: Grace Eliza
    - DD: Cara Mollie
    - DS: Noel Ishmael

    DH: Gregory Emmett
    DW: Elsa Penelope
    - DD: Hallie Louisa
    - DD: Farrah Lily
    - DS: Levi Bailey
    - DS: Zeke Elijah
    - DD: Amelia Jenna

    Fresh Prince Of Bel Air:
    DH: Benjamin James
    DW: Erin Millie
    - DS: Finley Zebediah
    - DD: Hannah Sienna
    - DD: Elspeth Jessica
    - DS: Lehi Kaleb
    Nephew: Oliver Austin
    Butler: Samuel William

    Big Love:
    DH: George Henry
    DW: Kate Elizabeth
    - DD: Natalia Jessa
    - DS: Malachy Hugo
    - DD: Niamh Taliah
    DW: Megan Emmeline
    - DS: Dominic Cole
    - DS: Toby Madden
    DW: Annabel Lorna
    - DS: Ebenezer Maddox
    - DS: Emilio Douglas
    - DD: Lauren Felicity
    Girls: Ella, Amelia, Freya, Charlotte, Sophia, Chloe, Isabella, Madeline, Hannah, Eleanor.

    Boys: Isaac, Oscar, Theodore, Jacob, Noah, Zachary, Nathaniel, Lucas, Edward, Zane.

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    Little House on the Prairie
    DH: Joseph Michael DeYoung.
    DW: Grace Catherine DeYoung (Pearson).
    DD: Natalie Rose DeYoung.
    DD: Harper Marie DeYoung.
    DAS: Anthony Gains DeYoung.
    DAS/DAD: David Cohen DeYoung & Chloe Cohen DeYoung.
    DD: Sofia Madison DeYoung.
    DD: Charlotte Mae DeYoung.

    The Cosby Show
    DH: Benjamin James McGinnis.
    DW: Madison Rae McGinnis (Powers).
    DD: Abigail Katherine McGinnis.
    DD: Mia Danielle McGinnis.
    DS: Jackson John McGinnis.
    DD: Ava Rosemarie McGinnis.
    DD: Isabella Cate McGinnis.

    DH: Matthew Daniel Menzies.
    DW: Olivia Catharine Menzies (Simpson).
    DD: Emma Rosamund Menzies.
    DS: Aiden Scott Menzies.
    Samantha's Mom: Sophia Leigh Simpson (Crawford).
    Samantha's Father: James Michael Simpson.
    Darrin's Mom: Ruth Katharine Menzies (Dye).
    Darrin's Father: Daniel Victor Menzies.

    The Addams Family
    DH: William Samuel Cage.
    DW: Catherine May Cage (Bailey).
    DS: Elijah Vincent Cage.
    DD: Brandi Elizabeth Cage.
    Other: Alexander Jon Cage.
    Other: Ethan Cameron Cage.
    Other: Jayden Thomas Cage.
    Other: Micheal Timothy Cage.

    Brady Bunch
    DH: Noah Richard Foreman.
    DW: Georgia Lei Foreman (Brent).
    DS: Ethan Harrison Foreman.
    DD: Christina Faye Foreman.
    DS: Mason Robert Foreman.
    DD: Evangeline Rose Foreman.
    DS: Jacob Christopher Foreman.
    DD: Julia Victoria Foreman.
    Other: Marie Elisabeth Purcell.

    Full House
    DH: Rob Ezequiel Sanders.
    DW: (†) Jacquelyn Hope Sanders (Forrest).
    DD: Macy Amber Sanders.
    DD: Rose Cassandra Sanders.
    DD: Olivia Faith Sanders.
    Bro-in-law: Liam Edward Daily.
    Jessie's Wife: Kylie Isabel Daily (Ensor).
    Daily Twins: Mariano Lee Daily & Web Ricard Daily.
    Best Friend: Smith Alexander Baron.

    Family Ties
    DH: Brooks Michael Plana.
    DW: Barbara Veronica Plana (Griffith).
    DS: Prince Christopher Plana.
    DD: Malia Cressida Plana.
    DD: Misty Vienne Plana.
    DS: Felix Edmund Plana.

    DH: Dmitry Elias Feldman.
    DW: May Siobhan Feldman (Gottlieb).
    DD: Maria Lisbeth Feldman.
    DD: Sarah Belle Feldman.
    DS: Pavel Adam Feldman.
    DS: Nathan William Feldman.
    Sister: Elizabeth Cate Gottlieb.

    Fresh Prince Of BelAir
    DH: Jones Benjamin Franklin.
    DW: Rose Eliane Franklin (Hyser).
    DS: Donald Emmett Franklin.
    DD: River Dominique Franklin.
    DD: Reed Francesca Franklin.
    DS: Shepherd Nathaniel Alexander Christopher Damian Lee Franklin.
    Nephew: Kenan Samuel Rohner.
    Other: Thompson James Jayne.

    Big Love
    DH: David Alexandr Morehouse.
    DW1: Savannah Mae Morehouse.
    __DD: Kelly Elisabeth Morehouse.
    __DS: Jack Cristopher Morehouse.
    __DD: Reign Charlotte Morehouse.
    DW2: Lil Katharine Jacoby.
    __DS: Matt Jaimes Jacoby.
    __DS: Seth Marshall Jacoby.
    DW3: Andie Elise Hudson.
    __DS: Brown Kristofer Hudson.
    __DS: Brandon Joshua Hudson.
    __DD: Brady Alexandre Hudson.

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