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    You: Rose Josephine
    Your: Atticus Jude

    - Louisa Ruby
    - Maeve Valentina & Gideon Henry
    - Bowie Joseph
    - Violet Isadora, Olive Juniper, & Beatrix Eve
    - Hopper Vaughn & Julian Felix

    ~ Louisa, Maeve, Gideon, Bowie, Violet, Olive, Beatrix, Hopper, & Julian ~

    I loved these names! This was so fun! Thank you!
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    Your names is Frances Josephine

    Your husband's name is Augustus Daniel

    Your first baby is a gorgeous little girl!!
    Her name is Willa Pearl

    1 year later, you find out your pregnant again. You have boy/girl twins!!
    Her name is Tess Katarina
    His name is Thaddeus Charles

    2 years go by, and you have another baby!! Its a boy.
    His name is Scout Andrew

    A year later, you find out your having triplets!! They are all girls.
    Girl 1's name is Poppy Amelia
    Girl 2's name is Stella Laurel
    Girl 3's name is Eloise Gray

    3 years pass, and find out your having another...actually 2!! Both are boys.
    Boy 1's name is Kit Maxfield
    Boy 2's name is Gus Cicero

    Frances Josephine and Augustus Daniel

    G: Willa Pearl
    G: Tess Katarina
    B: Thaddeus Charles "Thad"
    G: Poppy Amelia
    G: Stella Laurel
    G: Eloise Gray
    B: Kit Maxfield
    B: Gus Cicero

    Willa, Tess, Thad, Poppy, Stella, Eloise, Kit, and Gus!

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