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    A Fairy Wish

    I am reworking some old games from last pages of the Name Game forum. Everything old is new again. This one is inspired by "Rabbit Fantasy" posted by susan April 27th, 2009 (last reply July 30th, 2009).

    It is September 14th, you are out for a run in the forest. Little known to you, this forest holds an enchantment. On every September 13th, Maeve, Queen of the Fairies, appears and grants wishes to anyone who is pure of heart. In a sparkeling Aura of Pink sparkles, she appears in the path in front of you. Your ears fill with the music of the fairy choir, and in her tinkling voice, she tells you the story of the Enchanted Forest. She offers you a single wish, and you accept. You wish for the Perfect Life. A wave of her Fairy wand and sparkles surround you and when you open your eyes you are standing on the path in the forest entirely alone.
    As you turn to walk back to the car your cell phone rings. The caller ID says Hubs. You answer the phone, unsure of what to expect. You say Hello, and you hear..."Hi hon, it's me. Can you meet me at your parents house. We'll pick up the kids and go for dinner to celebrate my promotion." Flustered, all you can do is say ok, see you there. You walk back to the parking lot and parked in the spot where you old Grand Am was is an silver Audi A4. You reach on to your pocket for your keys and pull out an unfamilier key fob. You hit the button the the lights blink, it must be your car.
    You hop in and fire it up. It just feels so nice. You hit the road an head to your parents house. When you pull in to the drive, you see an identical Audi in black, and a man walking out the door followed by kids....
    So, tell us about the man, how many kids, their names, etc. What do you do for a living, what is your house like, and everything else that would be your perfect life.
    Nobody ever said life was easy.

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