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  • Wilder North

    27 24.77%
  • Abram (Bram/Abe) North

    34 31.19%
  • Abram (Bram/Abe) Wilder

    55 50.46%
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    Wilder, North or Bram?

    We're expecting our 2nd in April and even though aren't sure of the sex are looking at boys names first. Big brother (19 months) is Oliver Wolf and it was you Berries who helped us pick his name back then so, naturally, we're back for #2!

    We're loving Wilder as a FN or MN, Bram (or Abraham/Abram) as a FN and North as a MN so our combos look a little like this.

    Wilder North _____________

    Abram (nn Bram/Abe) North _____________

    Abram (nn Bram/Abe) Wilder _____________

    Please give your thoughts on these combos and how they pair with big brother Oliver Wolf ____________. We're also completely open to other name suggestions if you have 'em!

    Thank you kindly,
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    I like Abram Wilder best. I don't like Wilder as a first name for Oliver's brother since the names have the same ending. While North is cool, I like the idea of brothers having middle names with the same initial. North Abram or North Wilder could work too.

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    I'd vote for Bram Wilder - unless you call Oliver by a nn, then I'd vote for Abram Wilder. Wait, I *did* vote for Abram Wilder.

    North is a great name, and I completely love it - but not in these combos. Abraham North I could get behind ... The longer first name fits with the abrupt sound of North.

    Can't wait to hear your girls' list!
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    I voted for Abram North, but then reread the post and the names Oliver and North jumped out at me...(Oliver North, the U.S. political figure and marine associated with the Iran-Contra scandal). Probably most people won't make the association, but now that's all I can see when the sibling names are written together. I had ranked Wilder North second; it has the coolest sound, but thought the adjective/noun combo might be too much (like Scarlett Rose). So as much as I love both the North combinations (my favorite name), I think Abram Wilder (a very very close third) gets my vote. All three are awesome, love your style!

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    I voted for Abram North. I like the combo Wilder North a lot, but Wilder is too rhyme-y with Oliver. Abram Wilder is okay but it doesn't stand out like Abram North does.

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